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Form Beyond Function

Knowledge is Power

The Knowledge is Power dumbbell set is a part of the “semi-cooked design” trend – the kind of design that employs ‘found’ objects –…

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Who needs wheels?

No, this Audi didn’t lose its wheels and axles! This far-out design is Kevin Clarridge’s concept for a personal maglev vehicle with the German…


Loco for Bogo!

Anyone remember Bogobrush from three years ago? The company changed the dental hygiene game with a toothbrush that was completely biodegradable. They’re now back…


A road rage ender?

From red light to red light, you never quite know how long you’ll be waiting for the green! This concept by Alexander Sheremeta proposes…


A Kettle with Longevity

Loaded with glued parts and clip fittings, the average kettle is nearly impossible to repair, giving them relatively short lifespan. They’re not only wasteful…


A Welcome Closet Monster

A finalist in the 2015 Electrolux Design Lab, Voris is the kids’ robot hamper that makes doing the laundry fun! The playful design works…