Wobbling rocking chair adds a playful twist to an everyday piece of furniture

We expect chairs to be stable, otherwise, we will never have the confidence or even the courage to take a seat on them. There are seats that are designed to move, though, from the wheels on office chairs to the rocking motion of a rocking chair, swing, or hammock. But what if the instability is actually an intentional part of the design, generating not fear but a sense of thrill and even playfulness? That’s the kind of experience that this odd-looking chair concept tries to offer, with a design that makes it look like a cross between a spacecraft seat and a child’s toy top. It turns out, it even moves like one as well!

Designer: Ellie Kim

A wobbling chair is probably the last thing you’d want to rest your body on, but if you’re actually looking for a more engaging and dynamic experience, this almost spherical seat is probably something you’d want to try out. After all, no one sits on a swing to relax but to actually be pumped up, enjoy, and maybe even trigger one’s creativity and imagination. At the same time, however, it has to be not only comfortable but also reassuring, as you don’t want your wobbling experience to be your last.

Designing a chair that rocks in all directions isn’t easy, even after you get the idea to use a concave base. You have to make sure you don’t completely tip over to any side, which is what a lip or ridge around the base is for. You’ll also have to come up with a design for the rest of the chair that not only provides support but also properly conveys the design’s more dynamic nature.



Thus, a circular chair is born with fins extruding from the middle like spokes on a wheel. The chair looks more like a turbine than a piece of furniture, but the design of each part is by no means based on whimsy. The top fins better cradle the seat and integrate it with the circular bottom half, while the bottom fins actually support the forces that the ridge will encounter with its rocking motion. Plus, it looks a lot more interesting, and its radial design immediately conveys the idea that it can move in almost any direction. As a bonus, the structure of the base and the ridge make it look like the chair is floating, adding to its sci-fi identity.

The end result is a chair that wobbles with pride and confidence, allowing the person on top to experience childlike play in every movement. It’s not going to replace any office or home chair, and it’s hardly an ergonomic design. But no one’s going to blame you for having a bit of fun rocking and spinning around on a chair that’s clearly designed to help you enjoy the lighter moments in life.