The Deconstructed Rolls-Royce by Niels van Roij

A Rolls for the Royal Pooch

Designed over the Rolls-Royce Ghost chassis, Niels van Roij Design’s Shooting Brake concept reimagines the luxury line’s fleet with an expanded portfolio of pooch-friendly…


Powerful Supermoto

The Supermoto is a custom-created combination of off-road motorcycle and road-racing wheels/tires, known as ‘supermotard’ bike. Quite sporty is their approach; the bikes ride…


An EV Cart for Everyone

Designed for Melex, this series of EVs focuses on modular construction around a base chassis to fulfill 3 distinct functions for users with varying…


Future Racing Bike

I’m not much of a biking person, but I’m sure you will connect and resonate with this Future Racing Bike concept. Designed with the…


Sexy Solar Bike

The Solar Bike is a cool concept that allows us to work some calories and conveniently switch to electric pedaling once we are tired….