Black Box Film With a Digital Twist

The ‘Flash³’ camera design stemmed from the blending of retro ‘black box’ film camera with digitalization. Keeping the design to a minimum, it sports a touchscreen and perpetuates the enhancement of the internal flash. As the designer points out, ironically a camera was a box to capture light, yet to keep it out simultaneously. This version celebrates the paradox in a very flashy manner!

Dani explains, “The Flash³ celebrates light. A camera no longer needs to hide internal functions – or shield from external light. This version is inspired by the Hasselblad and sports a similar form.”


  • The Flash³ is cubed in shape and has the LCD touch screen on the top surface.
  • The shutter release is at the back with the optional attachment of a manual external shutter release cord, which doesn’t feature in a regular digital camera.
  • It has a square sensor; therefore the photographs are square format.
  • We aren’t restricted to a 35mm film anymore, so why are we reproducing standard ratio photographs with cameras that externally fit around that shape.
  • As you flick the on switch forward, the box comes alive, the lens pokes its head out and focuses, and the screen lights up; but the real bolt of energy comes when you turn out the lights.
  • The internalized flash spreads over the whole cube; it jumps out from all angles – lighting not only your subject, but yourself and the surrounding pace.

Designer: Dani Clode

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