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Using the standard urinal by a wheelchair bound male can be quite a challenge. To make the experience more dignified, hygienic and comfortable, designer Fuming Wu has come up with the Movable Urinal. It is a detachable attachment that un-hinges and comes down to the seated position. Waste disposal and rinsing can be done easily, thanks to its clever plumbing design. I am sure many will agree!

The Movable Urinal is a 2011 IDEA Awards entry.

Designer: Fuming Wu

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    • Ray says:

      So the urinal cone starts off at face level. I don’t know if you’ve been to a public washroom lately, but having piss smell right in your face is pretty gross.

    • rhe says:

      this cracked me up πŸ˜€ I mean, seriously?

    • Blomus says:

      very.. very.. very.. nice concept! Seriously! Fuming Wu did a great job on conceptualizing and designing this one. :)

    • Edwin says:

      i mean, there are reasons why there are wheelchair accessible toilets. because making a specific wheelchair-friendly urinal (which can only be used for small business!) is not economically sensible.

    • flexbuffchest says:

      I just keep a milk jug with the wheelchair guy drawn on it in in sharpie.

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    • Byron says:

      I agree there could be some sanitation work-throughs; But some handicapped folks have limited options otherwise.

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