The Obvious Turn

It can’t get simpler than this! Ever so regularly my apartment block attendant comes to each floor to service the fire extinguishers and turn the canister around. Apparently they should be regularly shaken to prevent the powder inside from hardening. To make this important element obvious, the Turnover Extinguisher adopts the hourglass form, with the countdown timer, so that when the time’s up, you know instinctively to shake the extinguisher and keep it functional. No reminder needed!

Designers: Jin Junho, Woo Seul A & Lyu Byung Chul


  • The Jackson says:

    Looks very uncomfortable to use.

  • noisysplatter says:

    Shaking fire extinguishers is an unnecessary practice. The pressure of the propellant when released is more than sufficient to break up any packing that may occur in storage.

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