Relee M1 AI Sports Helmet makes you feel like Iron Man while keeping you safe

We might still be decades away from a snazzy Iron Man suit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get started today with this hi-tech sports helmet.

With outdoor activities becoming a thing again, people are more eager than ever to get back on their bikes and boards and hit the road. The need for safety in any outdoor activity has never changed, but the ways we can make it more efficient and more enjoyable have definitely leveled up in the past years. Inspired by both advancements in technology as well as a bit of fantasy, some helmets have evolved to become not only safer but also smarter, though sometimes with some catches and limitations. Relee, however, is trying to do magic with its Magician M1, an all-in-one AI-powered sports helmet that offers all the bells and whistles you’ll need, whether you’re enjoying a quick trek on your bike or recording a daredevil stunt.

Designer: Relee Design

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Safety helmets are often seen as burdensome necessities, especially by younger users, but they don’t have to be. Thanks to today’s technologies, they can be fun and cool to the point that you’ll actually want to wear them all the time, if only it wouldn’t be weird. The Relee M1 smart sports helmet definitely has that effect, especially when you realize how it makes you feel like a superhero or some secret agent because of its smart features.

At the very top of that list is its intelligent voice controls that let you take calls, listen to music, or even control apps on your phone with just your voice. The built-in mic and speakers let you access your phone’s apps via Siri or Google Assistant without any additional headset or earbuds that could block your ears and endanger your safety. And for those times when your voice can’t or shouldn’t be heard, the Relee M1 has a physical remote that you can mount on your bike handlebar or even on your wrist like a spy gizmo.

For those who love to record their adventures and misadventures, the Magician M1 sports helmet also offers a built-in 1080p Sony Starvis sensor, turning the helmet into an instant action cam. Capturing clear and smooth videos even under low light, the Relee M1 removes the need for an extra accessory jutting out of your helmet or your body, which could be a cause of mishaps. You or your friends can even enjoy live footage of the video by connecting with a phone app.

M1’s built-in 120° wide angle action camera captures stunning 1080P FHD footage from places only a RELEE helmet can go.

With the SONY Starvis IMX CMOS sensor chip technology, RELEE M1 captures its targets precisely, even in low light, and visualizes textures and colors distinctly.

Equipped with advance electronic image stabilization (EIS) technology.

The Relee M1 isn’t just about fun features, though, and it also does its part in keeping you and your head safe. In addition to high-grade materials to protect your head, the helmet has built-in lights that warn drivers behind you when you need to turn or brake. The strategic placement of 18 ventilation holes not only makes the helmet comfortable to wear for long periods but also reduces air resistance, creating a smoother and safer ride.

M1 lights up the road ahead out to 50ft for maximum visibility at night.

One-click activating intercom via VOISCHAT™ for team communication.

Just as outdoor activities have become a lifestyle choice, the Relee M1 can also be a lifestyle product with different color options and feature configurations to match your aesthetic tastes. With a built-in action camera, smart AI functions, and advanced safety features, the Relee Magician M1 might very well be the last sports helmet you’ll need to buy, one that makes outdoor activities not only safer but also more fun.

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $129 (39% off). Raised over $115,000. Hurry, less than 48 hours to go!