I’m totally one of those people who’s gotta keep moving to focus on mundane tasks. I’m constantly fidgeting with pens, paper clips, or even just moving my mouse around while I read. As a kid, squirminess was by far my teachers’ biggest complaint. Squizits was made for kids like me!  Developed in collaboration with a child with OCD and ADHD, Squizits provides children with a way to release excess energy through repetitive hand motions and various fidgets. Not just for kids- I think I may need the kit now!

Designer: Lavinia Chu


  • AndyL says:

    Forget kids, I need one of these!

  • Johnny says:

    These seem to just reinforce the bad behavior.

  • Lavafan says:


  • Marce says:

    How can I buy one of these? Or two…

  • yangsong says:

    How can I buy one of these? please help me !

  • Kerrie says:

    Children tend to throw these sorts of things. It would need to be securely fixed (not with a bulldog clip that the child can remove) to the child's desk (the underside so that other children don't notice them – bullying/jealousy etc). A better idea would be attaching the tactile stimuli to the inside of the child's pockets.

    • ChihL says:

      In most class room situations children are given these objects that are very obvious in the means of colour and/or size. So compared, these objects were designed to be quite subtle versus what already exists. Also children with ADHD don't necessary need to use these object for the entire day, it is used on the side to keep them focused on more important task at hand. If you notice the last image it explains there is a strap behind each squizit that can be used to slip on (fingers or other clips?) and also there is an image that displays a child using the product in their pocket. As for a more secure fixture on the desk, the point is that these product are for the child so it should be easy for them to remove especially if they're constantly in need of change. As for the bull dog clips they are very secure on a table top if you've never tried.

  • Children with ADHD & OCD aren't "BAD"….they have neurological deficits that cause them to behave a little differently. Subsequently, having something specific to fiddle with while allowing them to be able to focus & remain attentive seems like a no brainer to anyone with an open mind.

  • Alexa says:

    As someone with ADHD, I NEED these. I need something to occupy my hands in class. Is there anywhere to buy them?

  • ADHDMom says:

    Children with ADHD or OCD are not bad, nor are the behaviors they express. They can’t control themselves, any parent of an ADHD child will tell you that these children have impulse control issues, it’s even part of the evaluations they give the kids when diagnosing them. These small little things help them express that excess energy without being disruptive or distracting other people. ADHD isn’t only neurological it’s also biological, these kids inherit it from their parents just like everything else in their genetics. So don’t be so judgmental.

  • Tracey says:

    Where do you buy the squizit kit? I see nowhere on this site to purchase?

  • Michele says:

    Are these available for purchase they are exactly what I am looking for for my son who has just started school. Can you please contact me and let me know how they may be purchased thanks

  • Jayne says:

    I’m very interested in being able to purchase this? Any idea where/when this might be available?

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