Sealing With A Hinge

So far you have been sealing your cartons with either duct tape or normal transparent scotch tape. If you were to have the option of the X-tape, I’m sure you would have used it. Design is not always about problem solving or functionality. Sometimes elements of surprise, like this optical illusion “hinge” tape gives creativity the fun-edge that it requires. Mr Lee & Mr Park, how about sealing it with a kiss next time?

Designers: Hyoungmin Park & Jeongmin Lee for mmiinn

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    • Nick P says:

      this would be perfect for sealing presents. i love this blog, i wish i could work for this company….

    • Samantha says:

      this little things called hinges, are not an iron work to join or attach things together. they allow the rotation of windows, doors, etc…

      • Really Wow says:

        I never reply to random sites I stumble upon. But are you being serious here? Do you think the designer of this tape doesn’t already know that? It’s incredible how ignorant some people are. You sir are a complete idiot, trying to troll the comments of an idea you would only dream of coming up with. Seriously grow up, you’re comment is not needed at all.

        • Are you kidding says:

          Really? Samantha actually makes an excellent point and is not trolling. You are obviously too uneducated to understand the comment. You would have where the tape goes, you would have it along the edges of each flap. Go look at some cabinets in your kitchen and see if you cab figure out why this tale isn’t clever at all, it is completely backwards and stupid.

    • Rosamond Milagros says:

      how can i get one!?

    • Wick says:

      This confused me. Badly. But now that I understand, it’s cool.

    • Wow excellent X-tape, i like it so much. Thanks for sharing !!

    • Jimmy C says:

      haha, love it!

    • Where can I buy these tapes? Great idea!

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