Popup Délices (delicacies)

Fine tableware is a victim to the rhythms imposed by modern society and globalization. Everyone is in a hurry. Time is money and food storage/portability is more important than actually enjoying what you eat slowly.

Popup Délices, a concept by Marina Lecade is a beautiful lunch box of sorts that not only look great but pops open to present your food like a pop-up book. Each case can be intricately decorated to meet your tastes and customized for your eating preferences; chopsticks or forks – not a problem. Bon Appetit!

Designer: Marina Lecade


  • zippyflounder says:

    just what we need, more useless packaging….jeeze

  • Vincent says:

    That would be hell to wash after every meal. All the little cubbies and hinges and stuff. Won’t be dishwasher safe i bet.

  • Shiella says:

    Good design. But I think it’s just too complicated comparing with the function.

  • jin_woo_han says:

    Please think simply,.,

  • eric says:

    what materials is this made of?
    paper would be wasteful, and plastic would be ridiculous, so i guess it’s made of magic

  • DesignGuru says:

    impractical? Yes but my kids would look forward to having lunch now.

  • Starker says:

    Indeed, as jin said , think simply. This is a project which have to be made with materials adapted. This is a concept and it can have been made of with a full of different materials. Maybe with silicon, why not ? Or to improve and make sure this concept, maybe another material to accomplish sustainable growing.. Just let fly by your imagination…
    My children are loving the concept, what is the date for next commercialization ?

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