Stroller Suitcase, That Is Amazing!

On my flight from Tokyo to India, I did see some couples struggle with their baby strollers once they boarded the aircraft. I guess the time has come that we get an all-in-one thing that folds up into a suitcase and can be stowed in the overhead luggage compartment. Maybe something like the Polyvogue! This foldable stroller should have been a contender for the Samasonite Baby Luggage Contest, but nevertheless it’s a neat idea that can go into production and that’s what matters.

It has the seat range of a cot to a chair and apt for children under 3 years. Like most current strollers, the handlebar can be changed from front to back, giving the baby a variation in views.

Designers: Andrea Hanzl, Claudia Baer, Lisa Grabner & Andrea Seitner

Polyvogue from Claudia Bär on Vimeo.




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