AutoCAD for Mac OS X?

It seems Autodesk wants to know if there’s interest in a native OS X version of their flagship AutoCAD program. Take the survey and sound off. As they say, ask and ye shall receive.

I Want AutoCAD on Mac OS X: Survey

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  • Neo Utopia says:

    Last year I sent an email to Autodesk explaining how a couple of my fellow landscape architecture colleagues (including my director) would prefer to use Mac OS X through their Mac laptops (via their external monitors) at work rather than Windows on the company’s generic PC.

    I hope I have helped spawn the development of a Mac version of the brilliant AutoCad application.

  • Auto CAD is so dated and horrible! I would infinetly prefer a much better 3D package such as SolidWorks!

  • Todd says:

    Or just buy Windows and be able to use all the other software that isn’t available for Macs.

  • carie says:

    Yes ! Autocad for Mac ! Autocad for mac !
    We need it !

  • Tom says:

    It’s interesting that Solidworks came up, because Inventor is now tied to Windows, after dumping OpenGL for DirectX.

    Companies like to keep their options open. That’s what made the Intel transition possible for Mac OS X. But at the end of the day, it comes down to money.

    John Nack at Adobe likes to point out that they’d never recoup the development costs for a Linux port of Photoshop, since it would just cannibalize existing sales. It’s not that different for a Mac port of Autodesk.

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