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Years of clubbing and raving till dawn have taken their toll on many of us trying to live normal, productive lives. I am not exactly sure how much hearing loss I have suffered but I do think people tend to mumble a lot more now… or maybe I am just projecting my hearing issue onto others…what-ever, speak up! Well if you are still out there pounding away on your ear drums and head banging with the best of them, designer Shing Lo (sweet chariot) has your back covered…actually he has your ears covered with these neat-o earplugs that come packaged up in a credit card sized housing that can be carried in your wallet or sold at music venues for some ridiculously bloated price.

Designer: Shing Lo

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  • devon knight says:

    one of the most detail design i’ve seen! Great job:)

    • zippyflounder says:

      lots of detail in product concept that has so many flaws it should have stayed on the bar napkin where it started…nothng wrong with bar nappies btw, but really now.

  • eric says:

    very cool idea and excllent visuals.

    i still don’t understand what the purpose of the arms is however
    is it to pull the plug out afterwards?

  • Willzville says:

    Nicely presented and explained. But don’t you think people might find it anti-social in clubs? Its just like wearing music earphones – people will try to avoid talking to you.

  • zippyflounder says:

    another show me…show me it works and how is it better than the esiting steril ones sold in packages of 2

  • deanween8 says:

    very nicely drawn out concept. i agree with Zippy regarding the sterilization issue when you package them back up, that may be a bit gross having a credit card-like object in your wallet with some earwax sitting there on the headphones.

    also…do you feel those colors really evoke the kind of market youre after since this is supposed to be ravers and “clubbies”

    • zippyflounder says:

      oh come on now, nobody but nobody is going to be caught dead with them on..but then again more birth control is a good thing in any book.

      • deanween8 says:

        “oh come on now, nobody but nobody is going to be caught dead with them on”

        not following you there mate….

  • kinkers0 says:

    I’m passed the age of clubbing (& yes, the aesthetic concept might be a marketing drawback) but, wouldn’t there be some outlet in the workplace Occupational Health & Safety area? Not necessarily for the permanent worker at a noisy worksite – they should have specialised longlasting equipment – but for site visitors or inspectors. That way you wouldn’t have to wear an unsanitised ‘head-phone’ taken from the office coat-hanger! A bit of marketing at federal or local councils & I think you might make some money.
    Great presentation.

  • Shiella says:

    Looks good! Will be my choice if the sterilization issue is clear.

  • enoo says:

    So, instead of having a small set of 2 ear plug, you have a card with several elements that you have to detach and then attach togheter to make ear plugs. Wow… Why make something simple when it’s so simple to make something complicated …

  • Dennis says:

    Am I missing something? Sure, it’s cool that they’re so small and thin – whatever – but how do you get sound from the music source to the card or the headphones? I see no audio jack to the card itself – what is it, wireless?

  • François says:

    Seems like a great concept but I wonder how much reduction in dB these plugs would provide since the plug itself seems hollow.

  • John Smith says:

    i think everyone is missing the point… of course the disposable sterile earplugs are cheap, easy, and offer better protection than this semi-disposable card concept, but, coming from personal experience as a sound engineer, you never know when you need to pop some earplugs in. i try to keep a pair in my car for emergencies but i’ve realized that my car is not with me more often than not and my poor ears fry for my lack of planning. however, my wallet is always on my person and in that wallet i could have this card with ear plugs on it and that would just be sweet. design could use a bit of polishing of course… but anything to save my ears from a torrent of 120dB deafening sound waves…

  • François says:

    Seems like a great concept but I wonder how much reduction in dB these plugs would provide since the plug itself seems hollow.

  • The Lab says:

    I think rendered images are best used to show off design elements, not functional advances. The “wow factor” of this product is a functional advance (the compressing of a working earplug into the thickness of a credit card). The design is kinda lame (tabs sticking out of your ears, bulky “card” that could be smaller, etc…).

    In other news, a earplug keychain fob is an idea that works with today’s earplug tech.

  • rainsfather says:

    the standard cylinder shaped disposable ear plugs i have at work can be smashed flat and put in my wallet without being noticeable. i used to keep a pair in my wallet just in case i lost my nice pair for riding my motorcycle.

  • infmom says:

    Meh. My Etymotics earplugs will last for a lot longer than these things and have a carrying case that fits neatly in a pocket.

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