This electric foiling boat has exceptionally good range, smooth riding experience and luxe interiors

Last year Swedish boat maker Candela announced its partnership with Polestar to create a special edition hydrofoil boat that would be hard to challenge. The vision has met fruition in the form of Candela C-8 Powered by Polestar. This electric boat is a major upgrade over the C-7 and challenges other similar makers with its unique proposition.

The boat employs advanced hydrofoil technology to reduce the drag by exposing a minimum of the hull area to the water. This results in 8 percent less energy consumption as compared to conventional electric boats hitting the horizon. This ultimately results in extending the range – 57 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 22 knots. Driving it around at a top speed of 30 knots will decrease the range, still, it will be better than other options. As per Candela, the numbers are almost two times better than electric boats and even compare well with the combustion engine counterparts.

Designer: Candela and Polestar

What Polestar brings to the equation are the 69 kWh batteries along with the DC fast charging for quick juicing up. The 8-seater boat can also be charged with Polestar’s 11 kW three-phase AC charging port. According to Candela’s founder and CEO Gustav Hasselskog, the C8 makes it possible to travel to destinations previously only “reachable by combustion engine boats. The Candela C-8 powered by Polestar marks a significant breakthrough for electrification at sea.”

The electric boat is well within the 50 nautical miles excursion range stated by research done with boaters. So, you could go from Sweden to Finland in just one day, or traverse the whole French Riviera in mere hours. The option is cost-effective as well due to its premium range as stated by the maker. Teaming up with Polestar for the advanced batteries is the best decision for both. The shared goal will make it possible to transition to a sustainable future.

As for the looks, the electric boat scores very high with multiple shades of grey across the face. It might be unconventional but stylish nonetheless. The boat’s cabin is beautifully tailored and the seat’s upholstered for a premium feel for the riders – something akin to high-end automobiles. Coming at $450,000 the electric boat can be bought in carbon fiber hardtop or completely open version.