Nothing Headphones with physical glyph interface let’s you display your mood

Nothing as a transparent brand reflects its vision in the see-through aesthetics of each of its offerings. The intricate working of the tech is visible, highlighting the beauty of simplicity which has resonated with many fans of the Carl Pei. They’ve focused on audio products, mainly earbuds with an official pair of headphones not far from fruition.

The inspirational transparent design of their phone and earbuds has captured the imagination of designers who’ve mustered up their thoughts on presenting what a pair of Nothing headphones would look and feel like. Case in point, the concept AIAIAI Headphones, Headset 1 and head (1). Now yet another concept pair dubbed Head.Phone (1) caught my attention for all the right reasons.

Designer: Niloy Lahiri

Where this concept design sets itself apart from those other iterations is the smart use of the Glyph interface in the headphones. It’s more aggressive looking with physically moving Glyphs that can be customized to send cool messages to the on-lookers. The texture is very nice, something that Nothing would love. The color and finish of the materials are impressive with detailing in the right places. Transparent design elements flow down to the headbands which give it the typical DNA of the brand.

The ANC, transparency and normal modes can be toggled from the physical glyph interface. The ANC mode is represented by the closing Glyph lights, while transparency has a more open representation. This way, anyone talking to you can visually understand whether you are open to conversations or just in your zone, preferring not to be disturbed. Features and specifications apart from these over-the-ear headphones will freshen up the otherwise predictable market led by consumer-centric options from Sony, Apple, Sennheiser and Bose.

Although the designer didn’t intend to create a pair that is inspired by the Teenage Engineering elements, this concept has telltale good looks. So why wear a pair that seems more or less contemporary, when you could (in the future) get the option to sport a one from Nothing?