The Nothing X AIAIAI Headphones combine transparency and modularity into one incredible design

Although unofficial, the Nothing x AIAIAI’s headphones show how two company’s visions can align for one brief and beautiful moment to create a design that’s gorgeous to look at, and great to use. The Nothing X AIAIAI Headphones are a masterclass in iconic design, mirroring the uniqueness of individual details seen in the AirPods Max… except, this time, with the transparent flair of the London-based tech startup.

Designer: Ma Yc

Ma Yc’s headphone concept borrows the best that Nothing and AIAIAI’s design languages have to offer. For AIAIAI, there’s the classic TMA-2 Wireless design, comprising modular parts that can easily be replaced and swapped out on the fly. For Nothing, however, there’s the absolutely drop-dead beautiful transparent housing that you can see on the cans, on the ear stem, and even on the ear cushions. Ma Yc’s choice of transparent cushioning on the headrest instantly sets this headphone apart as memorable… quite like the AirPods Max’s tensile fabric headrest.

The headphones come in two color variants – a black and a white, quite like the rest of Nothing’s lineup. The design is almost exactly a tribute to the TMA-2 wireless headphones from AIAIAI, featuring slide-out cans, removable ear-cups, and detachable aux cables that connect the headphone’s elements together. Modularity has never really been Nothing’s mission statement, but to be honest, the aesthetic and modular design of AIAIAI’s headphones translate rather well onto the Nothing brand, making this a collaboration for the books. Let’s hope Carl Pei’s reading this…