10 Best Sleek & Efficient Bicycles For Eco-Conscious Commuters

We’re in a time and age where people have started living more sustainably and consciously, and this is reflected in their everyday decisions. They’re making changes in their daily lives, consumption, and even means of transportation! People are slowly but surely adopting bicycles as they are eco-friendly alternatives to the pollution-causing automotive, but also they’re an excellent source of exercise. I mean, not only do we get to save the Earth from air pollution, but we can also get some intense cardio done. And, we’ve curated a whole range of innovative designs for you that caught our attention. From a bicycle with treads to a bicycle with triangle wheels – these impressive bicycles will surely convert you to Team Cycles!

1. Bicycle With Treads

If you’ve spent much time on YouTube, you’ve probably come across the Q or Sergii Gordieiev who creates truly innovative and out-of-the-box bicycles. This time the Q has struck again with a bicycle with treads instead of wheels! The ingenious bicycle features handlebars, a seat, and a frame that have been made from scratch using unique elements. The bicycle has a lower profile at the rear than the front fork. Both the seating and handlebar are aligned, ensuring that the bicycle to quite comfortable to fit on.

2. Firefly MiniVelo Travel Bike

This customized bike is the Firefly MiniVelo travel bike for Ming Thein! It is a titanium bicycle specially tailored for Ming Thein, and designed to fit perfectly into a Rimowa travel case. The bike is custom-made, and it can be easily assembled and disassembled like a puzzle, to fit snugly into a briefcase, and back to ride without a single flinch or issue. It features a lightweight and durable chassis that can be efficiently unfastened into two halves, with the other parts also following suit.

3. The Moccle

Dubbed the Moccle, this fun and innovative bicycle with a unique aesthetic is designed to create an enjoyable riding experience for you. It doesn’t feature a dashboard, gears, or even shock absorbers, but it has been incorporated with a bent-wood frame to ensure shock absorption. The frame is supported using a metal fixture, and it flexes in response to pressure, ensuring that any stress from rocky terrains or challenging surfaces is absorbed.

4. Three Chair Bike

This reimagined bicycle has a chair as the saddle! You can go either riding on the streets or have it parked by the side to rest for a bit. The body is essentially the Furakazu Shushu model from the Maruishi Cycle, which is quite popular in Japan. The designer merges a chair design with a bicycle, to create an ingenious cycle with three chairs. It is designed to not only be a mode of transportation but also as an important element of your living environment. It doesn’t seem like an extremely practical design, to be honest, but it will definitely garner a lot of attention in Japan.

5. Infinity All-Wheel Drive Bicycle

Dubbed the Infinity All-Wheel Drive Bicycle, this innovative bicycle design by Stephan Henrich is truly one-of-a-kind. This bicycle is really one of the most out-of-the-box automotive designs I’ve seen in a long time! The unique bicycle moves ahead using a monotyre-clip chain system which forms a temporary rim on the wheel sections as well as the dental belt drive in the interior groove. The central wheel powers the monotyre as the crank generates the force needed to churn the wheels.

6. CeramicSpeed Bicycle

The CeramicSpeed bicycle features a new drivetrain without the ubiquitous chain, making it mess-free, low on friction, and pretty soothing on the eyes. It is equipped with a rotating shaft that eliminates the need for a greasy chain, and it works really well too, reducing friction by 49%. CeramicSpeed has also incorporated ceramic ball bearings on the shaft, which reduces friction, as the bearings push against the gear teeth and rotate as well, forming a smooth movement.


Designed by Jimmy Östholm, the RE:CYCLE bike is made from recycled aluminum coffee capsules. The aluminum in the coffee capsules is melted down and then used by the brand to build a bike that is durable and sturdy. The bicycle is the perfect culmination of sustainability and design, creating a design that retains Vélosophy’s simple and iconic design philosophy as well. The bike features a minimal and sleek ethos marked by clear-cut edges. It has a vibrant purple-colored frame which draws inspiration from Arpeggio (the popular Nespresso coffee).

8. The J.Laverick Aston Martin .1R

Called the J.Laverick Aston Marin.1R, this good-looking sleek road bike is made from advanced titanium. A mixture of 3D-printed titanium lugs and sculpted carbon fiber tubes were used to build the lightweight yet durable bike, without placing any exposed bolts on the outer body. This is supposed to be the world’s first, and is described as a “titanium hypercar on two wheels”. You can make a choice between a saddle or a handlebar.


Meet the ONEBOT-S7, an innovative and nifty little bike featuring a unique three-fold structure instead of the typical two-step folding design that we’ve all grown accustomed to. This one-of-a-kind design makes the e-bike quite compact and small when folded, so you can easily place it into the boot of your car, or stealthily slide it under your workstation. And when the need for the bicycle arises, you can conveniently remove it and use it.

10. Bicycle With Triangle Wheels

The Q strikes again with this mindblowing bicycle featuring triangle-shaped wheels! This rather cleverly-designed bike moves along in a linear form, building adjacent lines between the rollers and the flat surface it is placed. This enables the triangle-shaped wheels to overcome limitations and challenges, allowing them to move quite comfortably without any issues. The triangular wheels may look impractical and ridiculous, but they’re really quite fun to ride, and more comfortable than you think.