This Concorde aircraft inspired shooting brake EV boasts aerodynamic design for performance and good looks

Concorde passenger airliner shook up the aviation world when it burst into the scene in 1976. Developed and manufactured in collaboration between the United Kingdom and France, the commercial aircraft was at a level of its own with speeds 2x sound speed. Unfortunately, due to high operating and maintenance costs, the aircraft was finally retired in 2003.

Because you could zip across the Atlantic Ocean, to go from New York to London and vice versa in just three and a half hours, the Concorde deserved more than it got. But that’s a part of history now, and Concorde isn’t returning for supersonic commercial aviation. The next best thing is to take inspiration and design a four-wheeled electric speed monster to commemorate the legacy of the airliner.

Designer: Christopher Giroux

Inspired by the aircraft this shooting break concept is exactly what the usual world of automotive concept designs needed. The 3-seater performance electric car dubbed Concorde 20+ Celebrates the legacy of the sound speed barrier-breaking aircraft commissioned for commercial purposes. There’s just one seat on the front for the pilot and two rear seats for the rich owners who enjoy the luxury of a spacious cabin all to themselves.

The active aero elements on the outside and the inside not only tweak the peak performance at high speeds but also bring a sense of fluid design to the vehicle. Just like the Concorde aircraft, the electric car is built for high-speed skirmishes on the freeway, letting the owners know it’s not meant to be driven in cruise mode.

That front pointy section with the futuristic LED panel headlights has a close resemblance to the aircraft honed by the windshield wrapped over the hood. As you can see from some of the side profile renders, the resemblance in shape flowing from the front to the back is so Concorde-like. The long shooting brake design not only maximizes interior space but also adapts the airliner’s overall aero aesthetics. Jump to the rear profile and, the futuristic element is ever so present there too.