This Anti-Theft For Bike Relies On Good Samaritans

Meerkat is a bright, colorful ABS beacon kinda thang that has the height, sex and age of the owner of a bicycle molded onto it. In transit, it fits as a mudguard to the cycle; and when parked, it can be removed (lifted up-over the seat) to fit as an anti-theft with the bike lock. Till this bit the concept is fine; the flipside kicks in on two counts: it relies heavily on a Good Samaritan to notice the theft and report it and what do you do with the mudguard when someone else uses the bike or you grow up!

If the Samaritan does take the trouble of capturing a pic of the thief (doubtful), then it can be used by the police and as Simpon puts it, “the data will then be filtered and directly uploaded and GPS stamped to a specialized, police monitored Google map which can be used as an evidence gathering system.”

Doubtful! Doubtful! Doubtful!

Designer: Simon Enever


  • celene says:

    Whats with the smoking thing? Who smokes whilst stealing a bike? I thought we all knew men cant multi task (do you like the stereotypes I threw in there. Yes, yes :P).

  • FLX says:

    Ehm… what if nobody’s around? 😀 Besides i wouldnt want that thing on my beautiful bike!

  • frank says:

    The robber is black!
    What about this!

  • DOn says:

    YEah, and the owner of the bike is blue, what about this!


  • Nick says:

    erm… if I was a bike thief, i certainly wouldn’t steal one while there were people around?

    and even if I did, id steal one with one of these devices that matched my age and build.

  • Andi suryadi says:

    this is a very good idea.
    i like the idea, the way you prevent the thief to ride the bike.the blue thing is stand out to the people in public.the bike’s owner profile.the use of the added a circle black thing, as part of the bicycle frame for locking.nice!

    i’m thinking…
    can we brake the blue thing, the mudguard by force / push or pull?
    does the pin, placement for the mudguard strong enough to hold stress?

    last time i did a bicycle security project.i came out with 3 ways to secure the bike.
    1. buy a good lock. thick cable & tough materials.
    2. park in bicycle parking area.
    3. lock both wheels & frame.
    4. leave a unique mark in your bike.
    5. park the bike in open area, people around.

    Andi Suryadi
    Industrial Design
    Curtin University. Perth WA.

  • Henrique Staino says:

    The thing with preventing this kind of robbery is not making something “unrobbable”. If one really wants to, one can rob anything. Even the Central Bank of Brazil. The thing is making the burglar prefer to rob something else. If there are two bikes, both locked. One has this device (shown above) on it. The other, doesn’t. Which do you think will be robbed?

    Now, if this is of any good, I don’t know. Even because, it seems that the passers-by need to know how the device works so they can unsderstand what the numbers mean.

  • karl says:

    what’s that black loop for? The separate bike lock is attaching to the bike frame anyway. Surely if you were gonna design this thing the flap would just fold up and there would be a built-in lock??? who could be arsed taking it off and re-attaching it (somehow), getting your lock out and locking the bike??

  • Nick says:

    Henrique Staino says “The thing is making the burglar prefer to rob something else. If there are two bikes, both locked. One has this device (shown above) on it. The other, doesn’t. Which do you think will be robbed?”

    Not if the bike without this is some clapped out racer and the othre with this device is some full bounce Santa Cruz – I wouldnt lock my bike up anywhere but you should get my point – they rob whichever bike they prefer the look of – regardless of lock or deterrant – money is money and more is better.

  • Phil Power says:

    I can’t see many people actually wanting something so obvious on their bike and also doesn’t this product promote the Big Brother snooping on everyone. What if a friend was borrowing it and had to deal with a long arduous process with the police cos someone had shopped them?

    Not convinced about this one I’m afraid.

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