ADAM elements Ultra-Slim MagSafe Power Bank for iPhone – 5000mAh & Dual-Device Charging

Sort of like a Gatorade but for your phone, the GRAVITY C5 MagSafe Power Bank from ADAM elements gives your smartphone a burst of energy just when it’s down. Equipped with a 5000mAh battery on the inside, the GRAVITYC5 snaps to the back of your phone, wirelessly charging it to keep you going. It’s sort of like giving your phone an extra battery, without cables or charging bricks. Moreover, this ultra-slim power bank boasts a mere 8.7mm in thickness, making it easy to slip into a pocket, bag, or purse without adding bulk.

Designer: ADAM elements

Click Here to Buy Now: $58.65 $69 (15% off with coupon code “15OFFGC5AE”). Hurry, deal ends in 48-hours!

The MagSafe-compatible GRAVITY C5 boasts dual charging functionality, offering both 15W wireless charging and 20W USB-C wired fast charging. This allows you to power up two devices simultaneously, perfect for keeping your phone and wireless earbuds juiced on the go. The 5000mAh lithium battery packs enough punch to keep your devices running through a busy day, making it a reliable companion for travelers, commuters, or anyone who needs to stay connected.

Designed to be slimmer than your smartphone, the GRAVITY C5 snaps right to the back of your device, charging it even through MagSafe-compatible cases. Its slick profile makes it a dream to carry around, whether it’s in your backpack, in your pocket, or even attached to your phone. Rounded edges means the GRAVITY C5 slips right into your pocket without getting caught on the lining, something other bulkier sharper power banks tend to do as you put your phone into your pocket with the power bank attached.

The GRAVITY C5 sports a slick machined aluminum outer cover that allows it to match up to the metallic finish on the back of Pro iPhones. It does, however, also sport a range of anodized color options that give you a variety to choose from, so you’re not stuck with a plain black, white, or silver variant. The power bank comes in five colors – Pink, Blue, Purple, Red, and Gray – allowing you to choose a shade that matches your style. On the inside, it’s equipped with over-current protection (OCP), over-voltage protection (OVP), and Foreign Objects Detection (FOD). These features safeguard your devices against potential damage during charging, offering peace of mind.

The ADAM elements GRAVITY C5 is priced at $69, but YD readers can grab it for a discounted price of $58.65. For a complete charging experience, each package includes a storage pouch and a 200mm USB-C charging cable. Additionally, a one-year warranty provides assurance and reliable customer service.

Click Here to Buy Now: $58.65 $69 (15% off with coupon code “15OFFGC5AE”). Hurry, deal ends in 48-hours!