Transform Your Bathroom With This Recycled Ceramic Washbasin Made From Almost 100% Waste Materials

With our super hectic lives, bathtime is probably the only time of the day when we get to relax and be truly alone. It’s that precious hour of the day when we can completely indulge in self-care, and pamper ourselves, hence it is my favorite time of the day. Having a beautifully designed bathroom with thoughtful designs will only amplify this special time of the day. These products can make a huge difference in our everyday bathroom experience. And a product that would make an invaluable addition to your bathroom is the Recycled Washbasin by VitrA.

Designer: VitrA

Designed by Turkish bathroom brand Vitra, the Recycled Ceramic Washbasin is a minimalist and well-designed bathroom fixture that is made from almost 100 percent waste materials. These materials even include discarded ceramics from the company’s own production processes. This recycled washbasin has been designed to ensure minimal damage to the environment, according to VitrA.

“The recycled ceramic washbasin embodies the principles of circular manufacturing, where waste becomes a valuable resource,” said VitrA. “Choosing to reclaim materials from the manufacturing process that would otherwise have been discarded, VitrA crafts something new from waste products.

For the Recycled Ceramic Washbasin, VitrA chose waste materials, creating something new and improved from what would otherwise have been discarded. They are promoting the ideology of circular manufacturing, ensuring that everything is used, and nothing truly goes to waste.

The Recycled Ceramic Washbasin is available in five rounded shapes – Pebble, Square, Circle, Oval, and TV. The different shapes are created in a textural taupe-colored clay, which allows them to merge perfectly with different bathroom designs. Besides being eco-friendly, the washbasin also features subtle and minimal aesthetics, making it a good-looking addition to your bathroom, instead of an eyesore. The washbasin also features a compact and ergonomic size, so it won’t occupy excessive space in your bathroom, encouraging you to design and curate a well-planned and efficiently-designed bathroom.