DIY Modular Swiss Army Knife lets you choose exactly what tools you want in your Multitool EDC

Multitool meets a la carte dining – say hello to ZEN, an EDC multitool that lets you choose which tools you want to have on you. Unlike a Swiss Knife or any other multitool where you don’t really get to choose which tools get included, ZEN focuses on versatility and customization. It comes with an ’empty’ holder that lets you add the tools of your choice, giving you a Swiss Knife that feels truly DIY. Carry the tools you need, and swap them out at any time if you find yourself wanting a change. You shouldn’t be stuck with a multitool that is only 30% usable because you don’t use or need 70% of the tools included in the design… right?

Designer: Ant Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $69 (29% off) Hurry! Only 4 of 70 left.

There’s a distinct appeal to ZEN’s a la carte approach. It gives you the freedom of being able to design your own EDC like you would a desktop. A lot like picking a motherboard, CPU, GPU, and storage based on your choice, ZEN lets you add the tools of your choice to its open framework. The design offers 7 tools to choose from, and you can either add all of them to the ZEN’s holder, or stick to just the basics and keep the tools you find yourself using the most often.

The 7 tools that come with the ZEN cater to a variety of needs and requirements. You’ve got a bottle-opener, a rope cutter (which also works as a flathead screwdriver), a wood/metal file, an awl or pry-tool, a jagged toothed saw, a drop-point knife, and a screwdriver that lets you load hex-bits of your choice into its design. There’s probably never a time when you’re going to need all these tools at once, so you can choose exactly the tools you may end up requiring and carry just them instead of having a bulky heavy EDC on you all the time.

In fact, the creators of ZEN have even more tools in the works that you can buy as add-ons and attach them to your multitool. Available as separate accessories, you’ve got a ruler, comb, diamond file, scalpel blade, scissor, fish hook, bicycle spoke wrench, can opener, or box cutter, with many more tools in the works. Attaching them is as easy as hooking them into the ZEN, where they secure firmly until you need to remove them. You can build your own multitool to serve a precise scenario or series of scenarios – a camping-specific multitool would have a rope-cutter, knife, and bottle opener, while a tinkerer would require the bike spokes, screwdriver, file, and pry tool. The possibilities are as endless as your needs and requirements.

Using the ZEN is just about as simple as a Swiss Knife. The tools fold open when you need them, and slide shut into their holder when they’re done. The tools sit inside the holder in a stacked fashion, and the topmost tool can be opened with a single hand, which means it’s best to have the drop-point knife or the rope-cutter at the top, letting you singlehandedly flip it open like you would any EDC.

The ZEN’s holder or outer shell comes in one standard size that fits multiple tools inside it, but offers 3 different materials to choose from. The most obvious (and budget-friendly) is stainless steel, but right after that is G10 fiber, which most EDC enthusiasts will love for its grippy tactile feel. You can also opt for a titanium holder, which makes your ZEN virtually indestructible, although the tools on the inside are all 440C high-carbon stainless steel.

The ZEN is entirely CNC machined, from the holder down to the tools themselves. The entire multitool measures 3.54 inches in length when closed, and comes with a sturdy yet lightweight design (the weight depends on how many tools you add to your ZEN). Finally, a pocket clip on the side lets you attach your custom multitool to the lining of your pocket for easy access. The ZEN DIY Multitool ships globally and starts at $49 for the stainless steel variant, while the G10 and Titanium versions start at $55 and $69 respectively.

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $69 (29% off) Hurry! Only 4 of 70 left.