Putting the Year Together

Dia is a clever twist on the calendar that provides an interactive and fun way to interpret passing time. The system is based on 366 (one extra for leap years) modified puzzle pieces that can link to any neighboring piece, allowing you to create a visual expression of how YOU see the year! It won’t help keep track of daily tasks, but after it’s completed it can be kept as a framed keepsake to reflect on years passed.

Designer: Goncalo Campos


  • Very Interesting Idea.

  • -anonymous- says:

    I like it. Although, this needs a large platform (wall / desk). Maybe if this could have a monthly instead of the whole 365 (366) pieces, then it would save space. 🙂

  • This calendar looks awesome! I rent my holiday home (have created my own website) and I’m using an availability calendar on AvailabilityCalendar.com. I would install such calendars in my holiday home, the clients will surely love this amazing design.

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