This TV Trolley installed with a 55-inch screen is perhaps the most effective room divider

Open floor plan is not just a dominant architectural trend in offices and tiny house, it is one of the most interesting trends in residential construction as well. As the name suggests, this type of home layout comprises one large open room that caters to functions of multiple rooms. In general, the “great room” as this segmentation is referred to, includes the living room, dining, and kitchen in a common shared floor space.

There are many advantages of such a layout, but it minimizes privacy. Therefore, the use of room dividers is hugely popular among homeowners residing out of such residential floor plans to create a division for privacy. These dividers largely – made of wood – serve a visually appealing dual function of bookshelves. Now Trolley, wants to add another segment to this functionality.

Designers: Hongseok Seo, S2Victor Design Studio, Haechan Nam and Minkwan Seo

As the name suggests, the Trolley is a unit based on wheels for easy maneuverability. Again, designed with multifunctionality in mind, the designers have tried to create this room divider with a TV screen on one side and shelves: for books and décor items, on the other side. Interestingly, there is another shelf extending the width of the contraption in the base.

Designed to fit any home space without disturbing its aesthetics, the Trolley houses a 55-inch slim display and on the flip, side has storage for accessories such as the remote, game controller, and set top box, et al. Though it is difficult to decipher whether the display is built-in or you can have your own existing TV set installed into it, we do know that it is highly portable.

To that accord, the designers have made the Trolley in two parts, the base which separates from the TV section and the two can be used standalone or as one unit, by assembling the two back together. Trolley is constructed from premium metal and finished in matte bluish-grey hue. Save yourself the effort of purchasing a separate TV stand, or mounting the set on the wall, with the Trolley, you can isolate your living area from the dining/study with minimum fuss.