Mirror Mirror on the Wall


Mirror Mirror was inspired by our very human search for the self and our modern obsession with image which is reflected through social media. The first large mirror shows us the reflection of ourselves which is then echoed and transformed by the small mirror observing that image. This second mirror is supported in the way in which a hand would support any of our connected objects. The second, smaller mirror is itself a prism which transforms the image and puts it through the “mill of our society.” This social prism is represented by the grid or the fabric of society as a whole. But this perception is then swallowed, that of the echo of the image which is repeated to infinity and disappears, little by little.

At the same time, the large and small mirrors, reflected in each other, represent support and mutual help, since they are in interaction with each other, even acting as a kind of shared walking stick, each supporting the other!

Designer: Alain Gilles