Helinox Tactical Cot Tent lets you not sleep directly on the ground when camping

Camping or sleeping outdoors is one of the things that you probably cannot make me do (unless it’s a really comfortable or glamorous glamping kind of thing). But if I am forced to do so, I’d prefer to have something that will not let me sleep directly on the ground and also something that means I won’t share it with other people. Of course there are sleeping bags out there but again, I’d prefer not to have contact with the ground. So a cot that I can sleep in by myself would be the ideal thing (if you’re forcing me to sleep outdoors, that is).

Designer Name: Jake Lah

The Helinox cots are pretty innovative accessories that you can bring with you when staying outdoors. The designer is now making it even more comfortable if you want to sleep outdoors using the compatible cots by giving you the Tactical Cot Tent. Made from your choice of mesh or fabric, the tent attachment will turn your cot into a fully enclosed sleeping space for one person that is off the ground. This means when folded, it can also be easily carried on your vehicle and then assembled when needed since it’s 22.5” x 8” x 8” ultralight ripstop cinch bag and weighs just 3.5 lbs when packed.

The tent uses shock-corded poles to lock the frame into place while the pole clips make it easy to install. There are also reinforced corners, ties, and corner sleeves so you get a more secure sleeping space. To anchor it to the ground, it uses four J-stakes, one for each corner. Inside your tent, you have four interior mesh pockets, two on the ceiling and two on the sides, to store your valuables. You can also hang your gear on the four interior loops found inside the tent. The 40D polyester hexagon mesh is breathable for the mesh version while the durable 70D nylon ripstop can withstand the elements for the fabric version. Both have water-repellent PU-coated 70D nylon taffeta floors.

If you know that you might get some rain, there’s also the Tactical Cot Tent Solo Fly that you can attach to put on top of the tent to protect you from the elements. It uses velcro tabs to attach to the cot tent while four J-stakes secure it to the ground. You get two front doors skewed towards the side with a single back door and rear ventilation window for better air flow and reduce condensation inside as well.