Memoraphy is an aromatherapy device that can produce perfume to alleviate mood issues

Among all the senses, smell is probably the one that I don’t really pay attention to (or may be the least popular for ordinary folks). But it is actually the one that is most associated with memory. We associate specific smells with memories of our childhood or with certain episodes in our lives. It is also something that can help you manage your emotions as evidenced by the popularity of aromatherapy. This concept for one such product is pretty interesting especially if your nose is sensitive to smells and moods.

Designer Name: Kanglee Lee, Jiwon Lee, Jeongmin Ham

Memoraphy, a combination of the words memory and therapy, is a concept for a device that can “prescribe” a scent for you depending on your mood and need. It looks like one of those laboratory devices with different pods or a coffee machine but instead of dispensing liquids or caffeine, you get different fragrances that can help you uplift your mood, relax, or whatever your emotional need is that can be helped by smelling something. You can choose to use it as a diffuser or to produce a perfume or a plaster air freshener.

There are six types of main fragrances available: bergamot (for depression, anxiety, and apparently, UTI), rose (to give a positive mood), orange (to relieve stress and enhance taste bud), sandalwood (relieves nervous tension and anxiety), chamomile (helps relax the mind, counter insomnia), claysage (mood stabilisation). You start off the process by inputting into the machine your current mood and drawing or writing to get a “diagnosis” for the right scent. Then you choose the output type and the machine will then create the product for you.

This is a pretty interesting product to have, at least on paper. There may be some feasibility questions if it gets turned into an actual product since there are different outputs for it but that’s a problem for another day. If you’re a believer in aromatherapy, you’d probably want something like this in your home to help lighten your mood, help you fall asleep, and even combat other mental health issues.