The Airseekers Ultimate AI-Powered Robotic Lawnmower Mows Your Yard So You Don’t Have To

Experience top-tier automated lawn care with Airseekers TRON, the AI-powered robotic mower that redefines precision and convenience. Featuring 360-degree vision and auto-mulching capabilities, this advanced mower seamlessly cuts and mulches grass clippings, eliminating the hassle of disposal and simplifying your lawn maintenance routine. Equipped with a state-of-the-art 6-camera AI Vision navigation system and a TOF sensor, TRON captures extensive visual data, allowing it to plan the most efficient cutting paths and expertly avoid obstacles. This ensures precise localization and performance even in areas with weak GPS signals. Designed to handle complex terrains easily, TRON is your perfect partner for maintaining a pristine lawn, making traditional mowers obsolete. Embrace the future of lawn care with TRON unparalleled technology and intelligent design.

Designer: Airseekers

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Experience the future of yard maintenance with our advanced, full-range visual technology. This innovation allows you to achieve precise localization and a comprehensive 360-degree perception of your yard. Gone are the days of dealing with inconvenient perimeter wires, complex manual setups, or the need for RTK stations. Instead, Airseekers technology enables you to map your yard in three dimensions using the power of AI panoramic perception. This cutting-edge feature ensures seamless and smooth lawn maintenance, even in areas with weak signal reception. This technology is designed to make lawn maintenance easy and hassle-free, giving you more time to enjoy your beautifully kept yard.

Enjoy worry-free mowing with the AI vision system, which skillfully identifies and avoids obstacles. The mower cuts, shreds, and mulches grass and leaves as it goes, laying finely chopped clippings back onto the soil for a neat and attractive lawn. Streamline your lawn maintenance with self-guided navigation, efficient path planning, auto-recharging, and uninterrupted mowing, eliminating the need to empty clippings midway.

Experience a straightforward setup, eliminating the need for manual wiring or RTK base stations. The 6-camera and TOF sensor system provides a comprehensive 360-degree view for in-depth lawn analysis. Using the app, you can effortlessly create virtual boundaries, designate no-go zones, and configure pathways between multiple zones.

This AI mower outperforms RTK-only models with a wide 360-degree vision for top precision and full lawn coverage, getting it right on the first try. Set your custom paths, angles, and patterns to match your lawn’s shape. Armed with six cameras and a TOF sensor, including three RGB cameras, dual stereo vision cameras, and one rear camera, the Air Vision system provides a detailed 360-degree view and depth insights. By analyzing extensive visual data using advanced AI algorithms, it ensures precise, stable positioning without RTK stations or signal poles.

The expansive multi-lens field of view continuously monitors every direction, enabling smarter obstacle avoidance. The system dynamically adjusts to static and moving targets in real-time, ensuring smooth operation without getting stuck. Leveraging AI deep learning and TOF sensors, the mower offers human-like perception for obstacle avoidance.

This advanced technology excels in narrow spaces and weak signal areas, maintaining performance under trees, close to eaves, or along tight fences. Its high-redundancy, multi-camera system captures vast visual data, staying stable even if a camera fails. Efficiently cutting and mulching grass and leaves, the mower spreads finely chopped debris evenly over the soil, ensuring a clump-free, nourished lawn.

Robust Algorithms Handling Extreme Situations: High-redundancy, multi-camera system ensures stability by capturing vast visual data, allowing seamless takeover if a camera fails or shakes.

Discover the sleek FlowCut Mowing system, featuring an X-shaped vortex chamber that uses aerodynamics to vacuum grass upwards, ensuring crisp cuts every time. The dual-layer blades swiftly shred grass while the chamber expertly mulches, creating a perfect, carpet-like lawn in one smooth motion. Enjoy the neatly trimmed grass without uneven edges, keeping your lawn healthy and visually appealing.

FlowCut Mowing System: The X-shaped chamber vacuums grass for crisp cuts, while dual-layer blades shred and mulch for a perfect, carpet-like lawn.

The adjustable cutting chamber offers a versatile mowing height range from 1.2 to 3.5 inches, ensuring the perfect trim while preventing grass scalping. With its anti-clogging cutting deck, the mower easily handles thick grass. The X-shaped vortex chamber maintains a steady airflow for seamless operation, making cutting through grass effortless.

Mastering Tall, Thick, and Wet Grass: Adjustable cutting height from 1.2 to 3.5 inches prevents scalping.

Enhance your lawn’s charm with precise app control, crafting vibrant patterns without height adjustments. The powerful rear-wheel drive, larger front wheels, and high-clearance EV chassis improve passability across various terrains. An intelligent self-rescue system enables smooth disengagement and continuous operation with automatic reverse and turning actions if stuck.

When Others Get Stuck, TRON Prevails: Powerful drive, high clearance, and smart self-rescue system.

The mower can climb hills up to a 65% slope and effortlessly traverse uneven ground or potholes. The 30-degree inward-angled wheels reduce grass tearing and ensure stability during straight-line driving. An edge-cutting mode ensures clean lawn boundaries.

This mower features a detachable and interchangeable battery, boosting convenience and adaptability. Powered by a high-capacity battery, it offers a reliable 3-hour runtime per charge and a quick 120-minute charging time, surpassing traditional gas-powered options. The robot autonomously recharges at low battery, precisely docking in GPS-challenged areas, and resumes mowing right where it left off.

High-Capacity Battery Excels Gas Power: TRON’s large battery provides 3-hour runtime, surpassing traditional gas-powered options.

Multi-tiered security measures prevent theft, including app alerts, GPS tracking with PIN code protection, and real-time location monitoring. The person who first sets up the mower is recognized as the owner, with the ability to authorize family members.

Meeting IPX6 waterproof standards, the mower is easy to clean with a convenient handle for lifting and washing the blades. Intuitive controls streamline complex functions, and a rain sensor triggers an automatic return to the charging station during rain. OTA updates continuously improve performance and features, enhancing precision over time with AI learning.

Diverse connectivity options offer easy remote management, including 4G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Autonomous operation is maintained with a programmed schedule, free from constant connectivity needs. The standard cutting width of 220mm efficiently covers about 250 square meters per hour, with an optional larger cutting disc kit for increased efficiency.

Changing cutting discs takes less than three minutes, and the “Quick Cut Mode” available in the app allows the mower to cover up to 400 square meters in just an hour with the larger cutting disc. Comprehensive safety features ensure protection for people, pets, and wildlife.

Great news for backers! Airseekers offers free 3D files and design blueprints for DIY mower garages with every pledge for TRON or TRON Max. These will be emailed directly to our valued backers at the end of the campaign, allowing for easy customization and cost savings.

Experience the future of lawn care with Airseekers’ AI-powered precision, intelligent obstacle avoidance, no wiring or signal issues, and hassle-free mulching for neat lawns.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1299 $2499 ($1200 off). Hurry, only 3-days left! Raised over $2,030,000.