10 Best Accessories To Pair Up With Your iPhone 15

Since Apple came into existence in 1976, it has always been at the peak of modern innovation! And let’s take a moment to appreciate all the awesome products and inspiration Apple has provided us with. The groundbreaking tech giant never fails to surprise us, we always find ourselves biting our nails and squirming with curiosity, whenever Apple announces a new product launch. And, the launch of a new iPhone every year is also one of the things that gets us going! The launch of the iPhone 15 series this month had us completely swooning over it! With their sleek designs, advanced technology, and drool-worthy camera if you’re planning to buy any of the iPhones, then you’ve reached the right spot. We’ve curated a collection of unique, innovative, and super useful accessories for your new iPhone. Dive in!

1. UPRO Ostand Case

Dubbed the UPRO Ostand case, this unique design won the iF Design Award. It elevates your iPhone’s MagSafe to a whole new level, by amping it with a bunch of cool upgrades. This ensures that the iPhone stands, hangs, or stays firmly in your hands as you click a picture, or reply to an email. It may look like a boring old iPhone case, but it is equipped with the familiar magnetic ring, which offers it a cool upgrade.

2. (Re)Classic

Apple’s MagSafe Power Bank isn’t available anymore, but the (Re)Classic from Native Union does a terrific job as well! It measures .086cm thick, making it as thick as your iPhone. You can attach it to the back of your iPhone, or any smartphone with the MagSafe sticker. The power bank allows you to easily and wirelessly charge your iPhone wherever you please. It features a slim design, which effortlessly merges into your iPhone’s sleek profile, and you don’t need to deal with a heavy and bulky power bank.

3. The Elago WS M5 Charging Stand

The Elago WS M5 Charging Stand functions as a fun and whimsical MagSafe charger in the form of the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP. It serves as a stable stand to charge your phone. It features a fixed 30-degree angle which is great for watching videos or to use the IOS Standby Mode at night. The stand also has a helpful support on the back, to ensure that the charger doesn’t fall back, due to the phone’s weight.

4. Icemag

Called the Icemag – this is the world’s first power bank with an innovative turbo-cooling feature. Designed by the Sharge, the power bank remains cool, and keeps your phone cool as well during charging. It has an ultra-silent fan that moves at the speed of 8000 RPM, and it cools the battery pack inside. At the same time, the power bank charges your phone, and nothing gets heated up during charging.

5. Electric Trout Charging Docks

Designed by David Stychno, the Electric Trout charging docks are built from acrylic. They feature productive and sleek silhouettes and are a fun upgrade from the old-school docks. The docks cater to a large range of users, and they have MagSafe-compatible charging solutions for one, two, or even a whole bunch of Apple’s handheld and wearables!

6. iPod Wallpapers Pack

Meet the iPod Wallpapers Pack which transforms your iPhone lock screen into a makeshift iPod! It displays the popular music player’s display which showcases the date and time, as well as your iPhone lock screen widgets. It doesn’t control music playback, although we wish it would! How cool is this one?

7. The MAG:3

Called the MAG:3, this MagSafe wireless charging device by Courant resembles a minimalist valet tray for your iPhone, and AirPods, as well as other objects you need to place on your side table and desk. This tray ensures your belongings are organized in a neat manner. The device is available in leather and linen options, as well as in multiple colors. You can select the one that complements your home and work aesthetics.

8. Belkin iPhone Mount

The Belkin iPhone Mount is a nifty design with MagSafe which converts your iPhone into a webcam for the Apple 4K TV. It is a versatile mount that you can directly attack on your TV. You don’t need wires or tools to attach it. You can utilize your iPhone’s rear camera for FaceTime or Zoom calls with it. You could also fold the stand in landscape or portrait mode on a wall or table through magnetic attachment.

9. Side Note

Named the Side Note, this little leather-bound notebook has an integrated pen and a MagSafe-compatible design which you can snap onto your iPhone or any magnetic surface. It functions as an analog notepad by your side, and you can swiftly take down notes and journal. You don’t need a different physical notebook, as there is already one attached to your phone.

10. The MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank

MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank 10000mAh Product Designer

MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank 10000mAh Product Design

Named the MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank, this design has a 10000mAH capacity which elevates the wireless charging and power bank experience. It was designed by Neo Bie and Leigui Lui for Stylepiece, and it includes four operation buttons – SELECT, START, A, B, and a d-pad (directional pad). The lower section works as the stand of the power bank.