Magsafe charging valet tray helps your area look less cluttered

If you have several devices that you want to charge at the same time, your desk can look like a tangle of wires and other charging paraphernalia. I am not the neatest person when it comes to my desk so that’s not such an uncommon or uncomfortable situation for me. But for those who are a bit concerned with how their work area will look, wireless charging is probably the best solution to avoid such clutter. If you have several devices though, you might also need several wireless charging pads, unless you get one that can charge multiple gadgets at once.

Designer: Courant

For Mac users, Courant is an accessory maker that they constantly look to (if they can afford premium devices though). The MAG:3 is their latest MagSafe wireless charging device and this time it looks like a minimalist valet tray for your iPhone, AirPods, and other small items that you can place there to make your side table or desk more organized. It is available in both leather and linen finishes and in several colors for each so you can choose which one best fits your current work or home aesthetic.

The tray is made up of a 7.5W output wireless charger pad for your iPhone, a 5W, non-magnetic Qi wireless charger pad for other compatible devices like Airpods, and a 10W USB-C output at the back part to power other devices like your Apple Watch or another USB-C compatible device. There is also space for things like your wallet, watch, keys, eyeglasses, and other small things that you may need to place beside your devices so you won’t forget any of them before you leave your house or your office.

The carbon-neutral Belgian Linen finish is available in camel, charcoal, and natural colors while the gold-rated Italian Leather finish has the saddle or black color options. It is now available to pre-order on the Courant website but since Black Friday deals are almost upon us, you get a discounted deal for a limited period in case you want to save a few dollars.