It is a Football Stadium Inside a Volcano

Yeah. That’s what’s up. It’s built on top of the mountain. Or at least it’s made to seem as though it must be. Plush-ed out and ready to house the sacred game for whatever team doth so deserve such a heavenly house. Guadalajara – 2009.

To be build in Guadalajara – who will get the honor? Club Deportivo Guadalajara, Los Zorros, or La Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (UAG). Chivas, Atlas, or Tecos?!

Limited info given by the designer Jean-Marie Massaud:

Volcano Stadium
Chivas – Omnilife
Guadalajara, Mexique 2009

Stade de football

Inauguration prevue en 2009

Surface: 110,000 m2
Capacite: 42,250 places

340 suites (3500 places)
Chivas club (500 places)
2 magasins
50 buvettes
1 restaurant
1 coiffeur
1 musee
1 espace de jeux (pour 450 enfants)
1 parc de skateboard
1 parking (750 voitures)

100 M us $

Architecture technique: HOK+SVE
Structure: Luis Bozzo Estructuras SL

Do you think you could build such a thing for a measly 100M USD? What’s the backup plan for if the volcano explodes? Probably better that it’s build first, land second. And YEAH, a Skateboard park. You read right. It’s got soccer, food, and a skateboard park. I’ll just set up a tent here, and… I am home!


VOLCANO UPDATE: Yes, volcanos do still erupt. Newest eruption in Tokyo

Designer: Jean-Marie Massaud


  • Oh my God that will scared me

  • Mark says:

    Inside a volcano is like an evil lair!
    I really like the inclusion of a skatepark, to make it a place for everybody. In New Zealand, they begrudgingly make skateparks to keep teens away from other areas.

  • Oh my God that will scared me

  • Michman says:

    The roof reminds me of the white clouds above a volcano.

    All they need now is an evil madman with a “Laser”

    Clean design, nice use of the walls.

  • meneses says:

    my house appears in the first image

  • Carl says:

    100m us $ to watch overpaid sportsmen act out humanities basic instincts. How about using the 100m for sustaining a better life for 80million africans? ive nothing against the design its lovely. just the figures and what is done with them thats all.

    • Zoli says:

      according to your calculations 1.25 USD will make the life of an African better???

  • pulkepop says:

    is it just me? this really reminds me of toilet seat

  • alejandro says:

    va a ser el estadio de las chivas, no de los tecos ni del atlas

    y no esta adentro de un volcan, el diseño se basa en el concepto de un volcan y efectivamente, el techo asemeja una nube.

    mejor estadio para el mejor equipo…

    it’s going to be de chivas stadium, not atlar or tecos.

    and it’s not inside a volcano, the design is based in a concept of a volcano, and that’s right, the roof is like a cloud

    best stadium for the better team


  • Keith says:

    I like, since I now know that it isn’t being designed into a volcano.

  • Brian says:

    Hmmmm…really interesting concept to build on dead volcano….some may say scary but i love the idea.

  • Bety says:

    Come on!! of course is Chivas club!, im from Guadalajara. The stadium is not inside a volcano jeje

  • M.S.W. says:

    They could cut the budget even further if they made the “white shape” out of either stretched fabric tent, or even inflateable. Instead of the very elaborate steel structure.

  • ur_nos says:

    wow… its really cool….

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