This travel bottle has a multi-stage water purifier in its cap that kills germs, removes contaminants, and makes your water tasty

A perfect companion to your camping trips, outdoor excursions, daily commute, or just your in-home hydration, the WAATR’s 4D Purification™ turns water from any source into safe, great-tasting water. The magic almost entirely lies in the bottle’s cap, which comes with its modular purification system that uses UV light to kill germs, and swappable filter cartridges that let you choose between regular pure water, pure water that’s been mineralized for great taste, or pure water that’s slightly alkaline to help you hydrate faster. Just push the cartridge of your choice into the bottle cap and the WAATR becomes a handy little travel bottle that gives you pure water no matter where you go.

Designer: Rakesh Guduru

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A winner of the TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of the Year Award, the WAATR’s greatest innovation lies in its crown or its cap. Built into it is a multi-stage purification system that works in 3 dimensions (as the water passes through the filtration module), as well as the 4th dimension of time (since the Ultraviolet lights continue purifying the water the longer they’re on).

The dual UV lights automatically activate every hour, but can manually be toggled using a touch-activated button on the top, giving you the freshest drinking water ever. The UV lights run on an internal battery that can be charged by magnetically snapping the charging cable onto the contact points on the cap. RGB lighting around the edge of the cap lets you know when the battery’s full, or the UV purification status of your water, or just as a periodic reminder to stay hydrated.

In addition to the UV charging, the WAATR bottle also uses a set of interchangeable filters that let you choose the kind of drinking water you want. The state-of-the-art purification systems snap into the cap (right beside the UV module), and use a proprietary blend of coconut charcoal and ion-exchange resin to “super cleanse your water” while a 304 stainless steel mesh and ultrasonic non-woven cotton mesh trap any particles or contaminants.

The WAATR lid comes with three optional filter types to suit your needs – a Purist filter that gives you absolutely clear pure drinking water, the Alkaline filter which comes with an additional layer of Alkaline Zeolite that raises the pH of your tap water – which can often typically be less alkaline than recommended by the EPA guidelines.

A third Artesian filter uses an extra layer of natural minerals to make your water taste great while purifying it too. The filters also supply data to your smartphone, giving you an effective lab report of your drinking water (although it’s a paid service), and eventually letting you know when the filter needs replacing. Each disposable filter comes with a shelf life ranging between 30 to 60 days, although you could just as easily use the WAATR without the filter too, relying on just the UV purification system alone.

The WAATR bottle comes with a dual-walled container that works like a purifying thermos, letting you keep hot water hot, or allowing you to add ice cubes to your water to chill it down. The polished inner surface of the bottle helps effectively reflect the UV light to rapidly purify every molecule of water (and even obliterate the dormant germs in your ice cubes), while the exterior sports a powder-coating that feels luxurious to the touch, and comes in 3 sizes – a slimmer 25oz (740ml), an intermediary 32oz (946ml) or a larger 40oz (1180ml).

The purifier lids remain standard across all the WAATR bottles, with just the stainless steel bottle changing. The slimmest variant is narrow enough to easily slide into the bottle-holding mesh on your bags, and even though the larger bottles are wider in diameter, a robust loop around the lid lets you clip your WAATR bottle anywhere. The WAATR bottle (which has 6 color variants you can choose from too, and for $89 you get the bottle, the 3 filters, and a 10% lifetime discount on filters.

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