Tiny yet Mighty Titanium + Carbon Fiber Pocket Knife is Smaller and Lighter than your House Key

It doesn’t get smaller than this, lighter than this, or more viciously sharp than this. Measuring a mere 57mm (2.5 inches) when shut and weighing just 5.6 grams (0.19 ounces), the WaspArmor Micro Folding Scalpel floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee… or a wasp, as its name would suggest. Its titanium and carbon fiber body gives it a classy-yet-durable build, and the replaceable scalpel blade means never having to sharpen your knife ever again. Quite impressive for a blade tiny enough to attach to your keychain. For those who appreciate compact and multifunctional tools, the 8-in-1 EDC Scissors are another great addition to your everyday carry, offering a range of useful features in one sleek design.

Designer: AlloyX

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $55 (29% off) Hurry! Only 15 left of 560 units.

Smaller than even your index finger when closed, the WaspArmor is like the chihuahua of pocket knives, tiny yet so audacious and aggressive you’re bound to take it seriously. The knife comes with a few clever tricks up its sleeve, but it all starts with the titanium and carbon fiber construction. Both materials are known for their incredible strength-to-weight ratio, which made them the perfect selection for the WaspArmor knife. The Titanium body gives the knife its durability, resilience, and ability to withstand corrosion, etc. Three carbon fiber inserts on the sides of the handle give the WaspArmor a unique aesthetic while providing a mildly textured grip that makes holding and maneuvering the scalpel easy.

A simple fold-out arm reveals the WaspArmor’s small but seriously sharp blade. While most pocket knives come with their own built-in blades, the WaspArmor relies on standard Scalpel blades that clip right into the knife’s design. The reason for this is three-fold – for starters, scalpel blades are deadly sharp. They glide right through pretty much anything, making them perfect for opening boxes, piercing packets, whittling wood, or even slicing tough paracord. The pointed tip and sharp edge make the scalpel blade a formidable piece of hardware, and these blades are readily available, which means you can simply buy a pack of them (they even come in different designs) for replacing whenever.

The second reason is that instead of sharpening/maintaining your WaspArmor, you can simply ditch an old blade for a new one, saving energy and time, while keeping your knife fresh and usable for decades. The third reason is that a knife with a removable blade is invariably TSA-safe. In case you happen to have the WaspArmor on you while entering an airport, you can simply ditch the blade and carry the rest of the knife with you. Removing and replacing the blade on your WaspArmor is easy but not too easy that the blade comes apart on its own. The blade can only be removed when the knife is open at a 120° angle, ensuring it never comes undone by accident.

The WaspArmor’s compact design still has enough room for clever detailing. A hidden back-lock lets the blade snap into its open position, so the blade doesn’t accidentally shut while in use. The handle’s small design is still ergonomic to hold and use, which is quite a functional win for anyone who’s serious about buying and using this knife on a daily basis. The compact handle still has enough space for a cutout that you can slide a lanyard/carabiner through or even your keychain ring. The knife is small and light enough to sit among your keys, being accessible in a split second, whenever you need a cutting instrument.

That small, accessible size is what makes the WaspArmor so incredible. You could use it to open Amazon parcels, sharpen pencils, cut tiny twigs/branches outdoors, scrape a flint to start a fire, slice through a paracord, cut a seatbelt to get out of a messy situation, or even defend yourself with a tough, sharp blade that will never disappoint.

Each WaspArmor features a CNC-machined Titanium handle, with those Carbon Fiber inserts that give the overall knife its distinct character. Even though it’s a tiny piece of EDC, it’s designed to be reliably safe, with the blade holding its position, and the swinging arm locking in both open and closed modes, so your knife doesn’t accidentally disassemble or worse… hurt anyone. The WaspArmor Micro Folding Scalpel starts at a discounted $39, which includes the WaspArmor itself, along with 10 replaceable scalpel blades (you can buy more at any medical or stationery store), a titanium keyring, and free global shipping.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $55 (29% off) Hurry! Only 15 left of 560 units.