Collapsible trivet with a magnetic design sticks to the bottom of your saucepans for added convenience

With a design that brings a fair bit of convenience to the dinner table, Niels Kjeldsen’s Folding Trivet uses a live-hinge folding plastic design that opens up to form a fan-shaped trivet design. However, in a clever twist, the trivet’s design also features magnets that stick to the bottom of stainless steel and cast iron saucepans, so you can move utensils around a table without having to shift the trivet. Who’d have thought such a small detail could sole such a unique problem that everyone faces but nobody gives a second glance?!

Designer: Niels Kjeldsen

“The Folding Trivet is the perfect tool for your everyday life. Both for the kitchen and for your dining table”, Kjeldsen told Yanko Design. “Because it folds, it can easily fit in your kitchen drawer and the magnets make it stick to the underside of the pot if you move or lift the pot.”