Modular and multi-functional shelf and mirror is an aesthetic addition to your space

Normally, the shelves that I look for or I actually get have one purpose only: to hold and store my books. And I have a lot, and I mean a lot, of books. But there are times when I want to be able to get something that is also decorative or can be a conversation piece (although that still hasn’t happened yet since I still need for it to just be functional). A lot of designers now are creating ideas, concepts, and sometimes actual products, that can be multi-functional and modular and shelves are no exceptions.

Designer: João Teixeira

Wave is a conceptual design for a shelf that also doubles as a mirror. Even better, it is modular so you can arrange it into different layouts, depending on your need, your preference, or your mood. Just don’t expect a full mirror of course since the shelf part and the shape of the entire thing can be a bit obtrusive. But if you’re just looking for a surface that can hold your books, decorations, and other knick knacks that happens to have a mirror attached to it, then this is something you will be interested in.

Since the concept is named Wave, the shape of the mirror and the shelves is wavy and reminiscient of the letter S. It is modular yes but no matter where you place the different parts, you’ll still get the wave. The renders show that there are around 4-5 parts that you can assemble and play around with, depending on where you want to place the shelves part or if you want it to be horizontal or vertical in orientation.

If what you really want is to look fully in a mirror, you may be annoyed with the way this is designed. But if this gets made into an actual product, those who will buy it will probably just see the mirror as part of the whole design of the multi-functional shelf. You can also probably only just place a few objects on it (most likely not part of my book collection) but again, this is more for the added aesthetics rather than a fully functional piece of furniture.