This smart chair morphs position + physical shape as your posture changes through the day

The Routine Chair designed by Yubin Lee and Minkyoung Song is a refreshing take on what the user would actually fancy getting comfy in for the rest of their digital work life. The smart chair (yes it is actually smart) adjusts the position of the headrest, arms and reclining angle based on the app-controlled schedule during the day!

How one feels while working sitting all day long in the office chair plays a vital role in overall productivity and well-being. The ergonomic comfort keeps creatives like us in the zone and I’m sure all you professionals might be looking for another stint of the work from home regime given the current scenario with the new coronavirus variant. Even under normal circumstances, having a feel-good chair to sit on without any discomforts has its own set of merits. In a marketplace filled with the likes of Herman Miller, Secretlab and Steelcase creating an ergonomic chair that betters them is a feat on its own.


The Routine Chair is in a true sense a future-forward creation that anyone would love to own one day. Its ability to seamlessly transition into the most preferred position according to the users customized routine or in-built presets gives it the tactical edge over big guns like Herman Miller. It’s partly like the hanging Ella Office Chair with the movable pivots, but the ability to have the most preferred ergonomic position based on the time of the day or the usual work routine positions it starkly different.


A level up on the Herman Miller ergonomic office chair which most of the gamers, designers and digital artists swear by. Another office chair design that made waves for its out-of-the-box thinking that is ultra-comfortable to sit in, the Ella Office Chair got us longing for an even better office chair design that solves the intended purpose without much fuzz.


There are three modes for the smart chair – work, chill and rest to toggle from when you are not using any timed presets. It’s just like your connected smart home elements like window shades or smart bulbs – doing everything in an automated manner without you even bothering about it. Now, that’s the kind of chair I would wish to have at my disposal to churn out thought-provoking write-ups, every single day!

Designer: Yubin Lee and Minkyoung Song