This Colorful & Playful Chair Will Give You A Break From Conventional Office Seats

Perfectly picked office furniture can truly set up a working space. It can create a comfortable and conducive environment that lets you work productively and comfortably. And one of the most important furniture pieces in an office is our chair. However, conventional office seats can be quite boring. They’re often mundane-looking, although we don’t doubt their functionality. In an attempt to spruce up typical office chairs, Scandinavian brand Fora Ferm released the Bud Chairs designed by Skogstad and Wærnes.

Designer: Skogstad and Wærnes for Fora Form

The Bud Chairs are a playful and whimsical alternative to the traditional office chairs we’ve probably come across all our lives. The designers wanted to create something that would support a collaborative and comfortable working environment, without being overly extravagant, or visually loud. “We wanted Bud to be able to stand alone and to function in larger numbers, without creating a wall of backrests,” said designer Fredrik Wærnes.

The chairs include a metal frame available in a variety of leg formations, including a variant with caster wheels. The frame supports a padded seat cushion and a cylindrical wraparound crafted from foam. The backrest has a spherical form accentuated with four narrow legs, that provide the seat with a contrasting yet geometrically intriguing form. It instantly stands apart from the conventional office chairs, as it seems to tether on the boundary between an office chair and a dining table chair, but somehow manages to safely stay rooted in the former group.

The different elements of the chair are available in a wide range of finishes, from a spectrum of fabrics to leather upholstery options. They can be repaired and replaced, an initiative on the part of the brand. The chair has plenty of bright color options to choose from, allowing you to add a pop of color to your work environment, breaking the monotony of a modern office space. Different colors can be mixed and matched to create a fun and vibrant office, where furniture pieces can and will serve as subtle mood uplifters.