Relaxation Pod

A response to increasingly urbanized environments, the SleepBox is a contemporary piece of furniture designed to be resting spot in semi-public spaces like airports and offices. To withstand constant use, the solid shell is composed of hardwearing, durable HIMACS that  also makes the seamless appearance possible. It’s as visually captivating as it is functional for catching up on a little R&R.

Designer: Caspar Lohner


  • Elphi says:

    I still don’t think anyone would be comfortable sleeping in any sort of public area. Also, if were just out and about, I feel like it would be easy to disrupt the sleeper by any kind of thunking that may occur on the “chair” top. I could see it in a private home though.

  • Hunter says:

    It would be awkward to be walking down the hallway of a public place and see someone sleeping.

    My first reaction would be that (s)he is homeless. It would seem the designer is catering specifically to homeless people, to whom it would be stereotypically difficult to sell.

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