Look Ma! No Lights!

With lamps and luminaries, it’s quite simple. There’s a light source, and often, there’s a shade to diffuse the light too. That’s pretty much what a lamp is. There’s no mystery there. It’s pretty straightforward. The Angel Light by two.parts somehow manages to bring about a certain level of visual mystery to the lamp. Its inherently hollow design looks like an outline, than the actual lamp itself. However, within this minimal outline lies a strip of LEDs, hidden from view. They light up the area, and also give the illusion that there’s actually an invisible bulb in the lamp’s negative space! When switched off, they don’t give the impression of a lamp, rather they resemble an artsy sculptural element, which when switched on, is sure to attract a few ‘aaah’s. It isn’t rocket science, but it sure makes for an interesting design outlook! Dontcha think??

Designer: Christo Logan

Buy It Here: $399.00 $499.00