This hydroponic planter uses water from dishwasher, washing machine, and toilet to grow plants

It’s long been established that gray water can be used for irrigating veggies and plants, provided the edible part of the plant remains untouched by it. This is important since water from washing machines, dishwashers, etc can have traces of chlorine, grease, salt et al. – which can be harmful to it. Yet, the use of graywater for irrigation, not only benefits in saving water, but it also ensures less dirty water contaminates the local water bodies. There have been numerous examples of people using used water in gardens, now an avid designer has conceived an idea of a planter that uses water from household facilities for growing plants.

Dubbed “Grow”, this is a hydroponic system for nurturing plants, herbs, and more utilizing water from dishwashers, washing machines, and toilets. The designer’s motive behind such a design is to offer indoor gardeners a more conscious way to water their greens. While using graywater for watering indoor plants sounds like a perfect idea, the initial information about the Grow proves a different scenario.

From how it’s presented; when the water is flushed, fresh water flowing into the tank is first pulled by the planter system for irrigation and then it returns to the flush. This outrightly suggests that the Grow is not basically using graywater, instead, its utilizing fresh water for its needs. This may work beyond the idea of a worthy planter for the environmentally friendly; it for an instance sticks with us for the convenience of watering it offers. How the system checks the situation of overwatering or other tad bits of gardening, is something that still needs to come to light. Nonetheless, Grow does gives the notion of bringing nature into the home a new dimension!

Designer: Gal Kuflik