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Besides being good for your flubber, skipping seems to be a good way for harnessing energy to recharge batteries. I know this idea is not so new; we have seen how jumping a rope can power a torch and juice batteries. However design is not only about problem solving, but also about refining existing solutions, hence the E Rope. Refinement comes in the form of aesthetics and interface. Both look gorgeously done in this one. Moreover, the video says it all…..

Designer: Kyung Guk Lee

[youtube: 605 445]

E Rope - Skipping Rope That Recharges Battery by Kyung Guk Lee




  • Gunnar Tveiten says:

    This, like ALL of them. Don’t, and can’t. work.

    For starters, these batteries aren’t CAPABLE of being recharged in 20 minutes, even if hooked up to mains…

    • reality says:

      agree. this will not work. takes hours when hooked up to the mains with a constant delivery of power. people tire. would be good if gym equipment did pay back in some way but dont think its possible. best to have an idea like this with training led’s that monitor user performance, generated from the cord. not going to work for batteries.

      • Gunnar Tveiten says:

        I’ve commented on that before, and you’re right.

        The amount of power easily “harvested” from a person, is very small, small enough to be not worth it for the energy, because nobody wants to work-out for a year to save 20 cent.

        But harvesting energy from humans, can still be TOTALLY worth it, if the point isn’t to save money/energy, but to increase convenience.

        A training-bike where the computer that tells you average speed and calories burned and heartrate and such things, need no batteries and no cord, because it’s powered by your pedalling, for example.

        Or a mobile-phone that never needs recharging, because it powers from your waste body-heat, or movements or whatever, also fine.

        Or a mp3-player for skiing, that powers of the temperature-differential inside and outside your jacket, and thus needs no batteries ?

        The point is, all of these applications, and many more, require trivial amounts of energy. A mobile-phone can be on for literally a WEEK on a single tiny battery. But not having to recharge it once a week, would still be a win for convenience.

  • igor chak says:

    I’m sure if this goes to production, then this will be completely misused as a …..well you know what I’m getting at here…

  • LiveEvil says:

    Let’s face it – this thing is really a sex aid

  • Kiwi says:

    Does it vibrate? ^^

  • jenn says:

    it could possibly work if you incorporate piezoelectric crystals!!

  • jenn says:

    it could possibly work if you incorporate piezoelectric crystals!!

  • Christi Marks says:

    would be much better as a rechargeable vibrator. ha.

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