This ultimate pen-tool lets you cut, engrave, drill, etch, solder, and even 3D print

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and the 3Dsimo MultiPro is living proof of that. This pen-shaped tool is literally a designer’s best friend, helping them prototype, and create in ways never envisioned before. The 3Dsimo MultiPro is basically a pen-tool with interchangeable heads. What do these heads allow you to do? Well, they let you drill, engrave, burn-etch, solder, 3D print, screw-unscrew, and even cut (like a hand-held jigsaw blade). The 3Dsimo MultiPro was designed to be the smallest workshop ever made. No more power tools, clunky gadgets, wires, and plug-points. 3Dsimo’s interchangeable heads let that one hand-held tool practically do everything you’d do at a workshop. From drilling to Dremel-ing, from soldering to foam-cutting, and from 3D printing to repairing, 3Dsimo MultiPro and its extensive kit of interchangeable heads allow you to do it all.

The 3Dsimo MultiPro is the wet dream of every designer/creator who just wants to go wild with creating and not be limited by the availability of prototyping or workshop tools. Designed to cut down on expensive gadgets that otherwise collect dust in your workshop, 3Dsimo MultiPro helps democratize creation, with its pen-shaped tool and detachable head system that works much like a hand-held power tool. Its detachable heads let it instantly transform into a drill machine, an electric screwdriver, a jigsaw, a foam-cutter, soldering iron, heat-etcher/engraver, and even a 3D printing pen (like the 3Doodler).

Each element has its own internal flexibility too. The 3D printing pen works with practically any plastic filament, and can be temperature-adjusted too, while the drill-extension can be used with a wide variety of bits, letting you drill, engrave, carve, or even grind materials like wood, plastic, carbon fiber, fiberglass, aluminum, brass or even copper. The burning/heat tool lets you work with materials like wood, leather, and even your 3D printed parts, letting you alter and modify them with your own artwork. Similarly, the jigsaw and foam-cutter tools let you achieve absolutely new possibilities with your designs, all in the same device, and if you’re working with circuit boards and electronics, the soldering, and screwdriver tools come in handy.

Everything is centered around the 3Dsimo MultiPro base, which fits right in your hand. The handheld device is practically designed to be a veritable workshop, letting you snap on and snap off components based on your need, and the fact that the entire Pro kit is affordable, means you can literally set up your own assembly line, or your prototyping station in one go! And it’s portable too!

3Dsimo has even partnered with artists around the world to explore the pen’s abilities. From installations showcased below to an actual working pinhole camera, creators like Messac.thibault and Trimaliny have used the 3Dsimo MultiPro to go instantly from idea to prototype, and that’s honestly what the versatile handheld tool hopes to inspire in creators. In fact, you can even get your hands on 3Dsimo’s project guidebook that helps you build everything from cookie cutters to chess sets, and even that functional pinhole camera Trimaliny built. The book has over 40 projects for you to warm your hands on, experimenting with the pen’s printing, engraving, foam-cutting, and soldering features. Go ahead and grab your copy as well as your 3Dsimo MultiPro now!

Designer: Petr Duba

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3Dsimo Multipro – The Most Versatile Mobile Workshop

The Multipro fits in your pocket and is able to substitute 3Dprinter, soldering station, plastic welder, resistance wire cutter, jigsaw, small drill, and electric screwdriver. All of them included in one 3Dsimo Multipro – 7 in 1.

3D Drawing

3D drawing tool works using the same technology as FDM 3D printers, so you can create 3D objects without any knowledge of 3D modeling. Just start creating or repairing.

Create – phone covers, models of buildings, cosplay parts, jewelry, statues, action figures, household items, toys and much more.

Repair – 3D printed objects, toys, delaminated cables, electronic devices and much more.

You can start creating using any 3D printing filament currently on the market (ABS, PLA, HiPS, Flexi, Fluorescent, Wood, Metalic, Thermochrome, Conductive, e.t.c.) thanks to easy to set temperature and feeding speed.

Burning Tool

Using the Burning tool, you can burn-in designs into wood, leather, plastic, and repair damaged plastic objects (chargers, phone covers, e.t.c.).

Leather Burning – customize your leather wallet, belt, shoes or your pet’s collar with the Burning tool.

Wood Burning – customize wood jewelry, cutting board or even desk of your table. And if you are a skilled artist, you can try even more exotic wood.

Repair and Finishing Touches – Whatever you create with the 3D Drawing tool, you can finalize with the Burning tool. Also, you can easily repair your 3D printed objects, cracked phone cover or any other plastic device. There is no easier way to repair damaged things than by heating up the broken pieces and connecting them back together.

Soldering Tool

For the electrical engineer in you. There is no need for the purchase of an expensive soldering station anymore. 3Dsimo Multipro can substitute it fully. The soldering tip can heat up to 490°C within 20 seconds, while your hand will stay the same.

Foam Cutting Tool

Resistance wire cutting tool is an awesome tool for model builders, architects, designers and makers. Now you can create building models, RC models (cars, boats, planes), art pieces and much more.

Thanks to the high temperature of the wire, you can cut polystyrene, plastic boards, plexiglass, balsa wood and cork with ease. Another great feature is the angle platform, which allows you to set desired angle of cutting for a precise and clean cut.

Jigsaw Tool

Jigsaw tool is used to cut wood, fiberglass and other materials. This tool in its standard form if big, heavy and expensive. The tool in this kit is small, light and powerful for a great price. Thanks to the fine teeth, it makes clean and precise cut. The saw can be used to cut into wood, fiberglass, carbon, plastic or even aluminum. Make yourself a wooden butterfly, glasses or quadcopter frame.

Drill Tool

Thanks to microclamps of the Drill attachment, you can use drill bits (0,3 – 3,2mm diameter), engraving bits or grinding bits.

Engraving – engrave glass or metal, create custom designs into glass as a present, or a custom ring
Drilling – drill into wood, plastic, carbon fibre, fiberglass, aluminum, brass or copper
Grinding – choose correct grinding wheel to grind any material, the Drilling attachment can reach upto 20 000 RPM
Cutting – by using circular saw blade, you can cut thin wood or glass

Screwdriver Tool

The screwdriver is small and very capable. Its peak torque is 4,5 Nm at 200 RPM. It is a great tool for precise work, for screwing in self-tapping screws into wood, plastic or soft metal.

3Dsimo Kit2 – World’s First Open Source Multifunctional Tool

All its plastic parts are 3D printed out of PLA, which is ecologically recyclable material made out of corn starch. All of the hardware and software is Open Source, available on their Github here.

3Dsimo Kit 2 capabilities:

– 3D drawing – user friendly temperature and feeding speed settings
– Soldering – soldering electronics and creation of 3Dsimo Kit 2 upgrades with ease
– Burning – burn into wood and leather or finalize 3D printed parts
– Foam cutting – great tool for cutting 3D printing supports, for cutting plastic or polystyrene

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