Rowing machine concept uses minimalist, recyclable design

I’m the kind of person who wants to get in more exercise this new year but also hates going to the gym or basically going outside to work out. So I’m always on the lookout for things I may be able to use inside the house to burn some calories. I easily get bored with all those workouts on YouTube so I need to have some alternatives that will still help me to lose a few pounds. If said exercise machine is also eco-friendly, of course, that’s better for me and the earth.

Designer: TZEN Studio

Lora is a concept for an indoor rowing machine that is hoping to ease the boredom of working out while still giving you the aerobic workout that you need. It also wants to find the balance between humans and the environment by using plastic and aluminum that can eventually be recycled when the product reaches its end of life. To also help you not get that bored while working out, there is a stand to attach your smartphone or small tablet so you can watch something else while working out.

The rowing machine is made from aluminum alloy and uses a continuous structure. It is able to bring together engineering structure and technology to come up with a machine that will help you burn fat and help lessen waste with its recyclable material. It also has a pretty minimalist design so that when you’re not using it, you can just prop it up against the wall so it will not take up space in your living room or home gym. Product renders show a yellow green striped texture in the front.

While the design and the concept seems pretty good if you’re looking for an exercise machine, the effectivity as an aerobic, fat burning device will be determined when the product is actually made. I’m not into any type of rowing exercise but it would be interesting to see the design and engineering techniques applied to other kinds of exercise machines like treadmill, stationary bicycle, etc.