Folding Lamps

Architects have a long history designing great lighting. Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture out of Sweden picks up this line by giving us the Paperfold lamp series. Inspired by the paper patterns Fredrik Kjellgren’s grandmother taught him to make clothes from, the lamps all use a single and simple folded paper form, and then stretch, duplicate, or suspend the fold in various ways to make different lamps. Our favorites are the desk lamps, with the single teardrop paper fold suspended at the fold end. Also amusing is that the lamps come only in C, M, Y, or K colors. It’s a conceit, but one that works. The lamp’s sculptural form is accentuated by the extreme color brightness, making Paperfold an eye-catching illuminator.

Designers: Fredrik Kjellgren, Daniel Andersson, Joakim Kaminsky & Ola Frödell