This Portable Lamp With Its Innovative Rechargeable Bulb Was Designed For A Danish TV Show

I love a well-designed and functional lighting design with some aesthetic value. But besides these three holy grails, it also helps if the light is portable, and can be carried around with you wherever you go. Besides that, a well-designed lighting fixture should not only have the ability to illuminate any living space but also add that extra oomph factor! I mean, of course, we need them to see in the dark, but as highly functional as they should be, a lighting fixture also needs to be aesthetically pleasing, adding an attractive and visually soothing element to any space it is placed in. And an excellent lighting design that we feel ticks all the checkboxes is the Grasp Portable Lamp by Thomas Albertsen for Frandsen.

Designer: Thomas Albertsen for Frandsen

Designed for the TV show Denmark’s Next Classic, the Grasp portable lamp by Danish brand Frandsen features an innovative and unique rechargeable bulb. After it debuted on the reality TV competition, where it was one of the best lighting designs, Frandsen picked up the lighting piece.

Frandsen was impressed by the ‘exceptional potential’ of the design, and hence decided to pick it up. The lamp features a refined metal form that comprises two cones – one for the base, and one for the lampshade. The two cones are connected via a thin and curving road that also makes up the body and the handle of the lamp. The portable lamp has a clean and minimalist visual appeal, while also serving as a functional and highly practical design with a water resistance rating, which makes it a great fit for both the indoors and the outdoors. It also features a base that sits well on both smooth and not-so-smooth surfaces.

“I wanted to make a portable lamp capable of illuminating a table where people gather, enveloping the surroundings in a warm, intimate ambiance, casting a magical aura in the otherwise dark spaces,” said Albertsen.

The lamp’s bulb which is called the Frandsen One functions as a source of light and power unit for the lighting design. So you don’t need to recharge the whole lamp, you can simply remove the bulb, and replace it with a fully charged spare bulb.