Perfect iPhone And Samsung Cases From LAB.C

When you own one of the most beautifully designed smartphone, the iPhone, in your hand or use the intelligent Samsung Galaxy Note series, you want to ensure you treat it right with the best accessory possible. red dot award-winning studio LAB.C has a range of options, but today I want to focus on three of them; the USB Case Lineup, the Smart Wallet Case Lineup and the +D Project Lineup. My favorite is of course the +D Project.

The USB Case Lineup

The USB Case for the iPhone 4 / 4S and iPhone 5 is quite an interesting cover. The mobile phone case features an integrated USB stick that is only 2.4mm. It is the thinnest USB and you can easily attach and detach from the case. The case holds your transportation card, credit card, or any other cards that you use frequently. If you are worried about the electromagnetic waves from interfering with the card, no worries because Lab-C has created an anti-electromagnetic card that blocks it.

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The Smart Wallet Case Lineup

LAB.C Smart Wallet Cases features pockets for your cash, credit card, and other cards that you use frequently. You can also use this case as a stand for your phone in 90 and 180-degree angles. People generally assume that magnets could be harmful to our cell phones, but after going through their special evaluation, LAB.C created a case that is not affected by the magnetic rays.

Available for: Galaxy S3 (3G/LTE), Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note2, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5

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+D Project Lineup

My absolute favorite, because this project promotes the individual creative works of select designers, the +D Project Lineup is super cute and absolutely the best! The LAB.C +D Project phone cases include matching home button stickers and a free wallpaper application, so that you could match everything. You can download the +D Wallpaper App for free for both Android and Apple app stores.

Available for: iPhone4/4S, iPhone5, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S3 (3G/LTE), Galaxy Note 2


Designer: LAB.C [ Available Here ]