This highly ergonomic chair brings new level of comfort to your WFH regime

A hamster wheel-like ergonomic chair made for professionals who have to sit for long hours in front of their computer screen. Could this be the new trending work-from-home setup that’s high on comfort?

How often do you find yourself craving for the ultimate comfort while working on your PC? Times when you are dead tired, and the only thing that brings solace to your work regime is a rested spine and head position. A place where the ultimate ergonomic working position and productivity-enhancing comfort take precedence. Perhaps, that is one thing you always wanted in your work-from-home regime in these uncertain times.

The azbi Chair is a setup that’ll get you instantly excited for its unique seating position which always keeps the screen at the optimum distance for dramatically reduced body and eye strain. According to the designer, the mouse and keyboard stay just where you want them to be, bringing a never-before-seen ergonomic setup for people who have to work for long hours on their PC.

Wooden make of the hamster wheel-like chair setup doesn’t promote fitness in any way, but it sure does give laid-back work a whole new meaning. I can imagine myself lying flat on the azbi Chair with music plugged in. Man! that would be pure bliss to enhance creative work skills. Definitely, this will require space – perhaps a dedicated corner in the living room or an expansive bedroom. If you’ve got enough room to spare, this is one thing made for a geek’s den.

There are different levels of the foot resting positions for you to never feel strain in the legs while working for extended hours. The chair also has a lighting setup on the top corner for strain-free working during the nighttime. So, we are talking of 24×7 freedom to be ultra-productive in the most comfortable way during the work from home restrictions.

Designer: Azbi