An SLR That’s Easy On The Face

As far as tech concepts are concerned we see most designers lure in as many specs as possible, just to make the gadget geeky enough for the pros. The Sony Alpha SLR Concept promises no high-funda tech-specs and simply addresses the issue of ergonomics. The theory being that a flat back on any camera is a pain on the wrist and facial features like nose-protrusion and chubby-cheeks! Solution: Sony Alpha – featuring a slanted rear. The tilted back is easy on the wrist and face.

More Details here (in Spanish).

Designer: Abel Verdezoto I.

Sony Alpha SLR Concept by Abel Verdezoto I.






  • flof says:

    maybe stolen but i think formal he did it better

  • aaki says:

    Para Lamah, si cualquier idiota puede hacer algo que no funciona, porque no lo haces tu?. O acaso todo lo que haces funciona?… Idiota.

    To Lamah, if any idiot can do something does not work, because you do not you?. Or maybe all you do it works … Idiot.

  • Chung Dha says:

    Yeah pretty much stolen concept even both the same brand. And the original designer made a cool realistic looking prototype which is on it self super spectacular than just a 3d render.

  • Alex says:

    The “a950” was being designed before be published the “first” Alpha concept.
    The “first” Alpha concept has not functionality or DSLR ergonomic concept.

    Nobody handle a DSLR + zoom like a compact camera with two hand on the body.

    • other Alex says:

      I agree with you, Alex.
      The weight of a DSLR plus the height of the lens don’t let you handle the camera like that, at least not confortably.
      And if someone collide with the camera len (what really can happens on big lens), you cant’t hold it safely!

  • abdabd says:

    hey guys, you should know; every design needs an inspiration point and I don’t think this job is stolen. design that you gave link of it is not same to this work. there is one similarity: angled LCD display!

    geometry of this camera is perfect.
    AF-MF focus switch’s position is good.
    flash cover is looking strong, very good.
    LCD display cover idea is new!, good.

    if lcd display have about 60 degree rotaion flexibility,it would be better.

    overall: 9/10

  • 3d animasyon says:

    its so amazing

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