Fritz Hansen’s Pendant Light gets a Korean Redesign for his 150th Anniversary Celebration Exhibition

Explore the modern Korean perspective through Drop Light. It’s all about mixing straight lines and curves to tell a captivating story of balance and contrast for Fritz Hansen’s 150th Anniversary Exhibition in Seoul. The exhibition, themed ‘Eternal Beauty,’ shows off a beautiful blend of precise shapes and natural flow. Come along and explore the beauty of shapes and curves!

Designer: SWNA

Lee’s creative journey with Drop Light delves deep into the interplay between straight lines and curves, a narrative echoing his profound fascination with sculptural contrasts and balance. Rooted in the theme of ‘Eternal Beauty,’ the exhibition’s overarching motif, Lee orchestrates a symphony of geometric precision and organic fluidity.

At the heart of Drop Light lies a meticulous exploration of three-dimensional manifestations of flat features. Lee embarks on a quest to unearth the inherent harmony nestled within the convergence of lines and planes, transcending conventional design paradigms. While Lee’s upbringing in Korean culture serves as a foundational influence, his focus pivots towards addressing his intrinsic design ethos, imbuing Koreaness with a contemporary flair.

The luminescent allure of Drop Light emanates from its multidimensional interpretation of intersecting lines and evolving forms. From its embryonic sketches to the final iteration, the design journey meanders through a landscape of experimentation and prototyping. Through this iterative process, two distinct drop trays emerge, each bearing testament to Lee’s unwavering pursuit of design excellence.

At its core, Drop Light is a marriage of fluid curves and steadfast solidity. The lampshade, characterized by its dynamic contours and shifting perspectives, finds synergy with cylindrical solid wood support. This juxtaposition of ethereal lightness and grounded stability encapsulates the essence of Lee’s design philosophy, inviting viewers to contemplate the interplay between form and function.