Top 10 Sleek & Swift Bicycles Designed For Some Old-School Eco-Friendly Commuting

We’re in a time and age where people have started living more sustainably and consciously, and this is reflected in their everyday decisions. They’re making changes in their daily lives, consumption, and even means of transportation! People are slowly but surely adopting bicycles as they are eco-friendly alternatives to the pollution-causing automotive, but also they’re an excellent source of exercise. I mean, not only do we get to save the Earth from air pollution, but we can also get some intense cardio done. And, we’ve curated a whole range of innovative designs for you that caught our attention. From a “wheel-less” bicycle to a bicycle with triangle wheels – these impressive bicycles will surely convert you to Team Cycles!

1. The Wheelless Bike

Meet the Wheelless Bike – an innovative and extraordinary innovative by the US-based YouTuber The Q! This mindboggling bicycle literally has NO wheels. Since the bicycle lacks wheels, it has been integrated with rotating elements that help it move forward. It is equipped with two sets of wheel belts that have been mounted at unusual angles, to form fascinating silhouettes. The unique Wheelless Bike is designed to function like a tank, allowing the bike and you to be moved forward by the rotating wheel belts.

2. Elixe eBike

An eco-friendly travel list isn’t complete without an e-bike! Meet the Elixe eBike, an e-bike that’s durable, lightweight, and powerful enough to be ridden on roads as well as off them. Equipped with a 500W motor, a sturdy 6061 aluminum frame, puncture-proof tires, and a removable battery that gives it a 65-mile range, the Elixe can handle urban commutes and unconventional terrains without breaking a sweat. It comes with 5 riding modes to choose from, a built-in GPS with anti-theft features, and the best part, the entire e-bike weighs a mere 42 pounds, making it ridiculously lightweight so you can carry it in the boot of your car or into your elevator should you choose.

3. Firefly MiniVelo Travel Bike

This customized bike is the Firefly MiniVelo travel bike for Ming Thein! It is a titanium bicycle specially tailored for Ming Thein, and designed to fit perfectly into a Rimowa travel case. The bike is custom-made, and it can be easily assembled and disassembled like a puzzle, to fit snugly into a briefcase, and back to ride without a single flinch or issue. It features a lightweight and durable chassis that can be efficiently unfastened into two halves, with the other parts also following suit.

4. The J.Laverick Aston Martin .1R

Meet the J.Laverick Aston Martin .1R – an alluring advanced titanium road bike that is created using a mix of 3D-printed titanium lugs, and sculpted carbon fiber tubes which builds a lightweight yet sturdy bicycle without any kind of exposed bolts on the outer body. According to Aston Martin’s designers, this is the world’s first and is also described as a “titanium hypercar on two wheels”. You can also choose between a saddle or a handlebar type, and currently, the exact pricing of the bicycle isn’t known.

5. Bike With Treads

Sergii Gordieiev aka The Q on YouTube is known for his ingenious and out-of-the-box bicycle designs, and this time he is back with a bicycle with treads instead of wheels! The handlebars, frame, and seat have all been assembled from scratch to accommodate the other not-so-ordinary elements of the custom bike. The body features a lower profile at the rear than the front fork. The handlebar and the cushioned seating are aligned, making the bike comfy to fit on, however, with those treads constantly moving, I wonder how comfy this bike might be.

6. Moccle

Dubbed the Moccle, this rather adorable-looking bicycle with a fun and unique aesthetic, is designed to help you truly enjoy riding. The simple bike isn’t equipped with gears, a dashboard, or even shock absorbers, but it does have a bent-wood frame to absorb shock. The bent plywood frame is fixed in place with the help of a metal fixture, and this frame flexes when pressurized, absorbing any stress from bad rocky terrains or undulating surfaces. The Moccle truly brings back the joy of old-school peddling!

7. Gordieiev’s Bicycle with Square Wheels

Meet another spectacular creation by Sergii Gordieiev – a bicycle with square wheels! This innovative bicycle features wheels that don’t roll, but instead, they move on a conveyor belt-like platform that rotates as you hit your foot on the pedal. The best imagery to understand how it works would be to imagine war tanks moving on their metal tracks without any wheels, except in this case it is a cycle and the wheels are square-shaped!


Named RE:CYCLE, this innovative bicycle design is made from recycled aluminum coffee capsules. The aluminum in the coffee capsules has been melted down and then utilized to build this durable, sturdy, and powerful bike. It perfectly merges sustainability and clever design, while maintaining Vélosophy’s iconic and subtle design philosophy and language. It features a lovely purple frame that draws inspiration from Arpeggio – the famous Nespresso coffee, while the bell looks like a coffee capsule!

9. Infinity All-Wheel Drive Bicycle

Stephan Henrich designed an innovative and uniquely shaped bicycle called the Infinity All-Wheel Drive Bicycle. It is one of the most out-of-the-box automotive designs I’ve seen in a while, and it moves forward with the help of a monotyre-clip chain system that creates a temporary rim in the wheel sections as well as a dental belt drive in the interior groove. The unique bicycle sets into motion using a short chain, and an 8-speed gearbox which is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

10. Bicycle With Triangle Wheels

Designed by the Q, this mind-boggling bicycle is equipped with triangle-shaped wheels. It is a cleverly designed bicycle that moves in a linear form, creating adjacent lines between each of the rollers, and the flat surface it is riding on. This allows the triangular wheels to overcome their limitations, and roll quite comfortably without any hurdles. The triangle-shaped wheels are truly far more comfortable than you can imagine, and also so fun to ride!